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05-31-2003, 08:42 AM
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The Best Partner of "Dual Channel" Platform
Incredible Performance Beyond Your Imagination

The “Dual Channel” DDR technology is the design trend in the current memory chipset field. While more and more famous motherboard manufactures launch their Intel comparable products supporting “Dual Channel”DDR memory module, Kingmax, with leading edge R&D technology, also has successfully launched the DDR memory module supporting Dual Channel function, which requires pair memory modules. It is predicable that PC market demand will be driven for DDR memory module in the nearby future.

To adopt the motherboard designed on a “Dual Channel” platform, the memory module should be expanded in pairs to double the bandwidth, and the memory module accommodated must have excellent performance and efficiency as well to enable the dramatic difference in the overall computing performance. Even so, there are some conditions for two memory modules. Firstly, they must have the same capacity. Secondly, both memory modules should be made by the same IC technology (For example, both of them should be either 16Mbx8 or 32Mbx8). Thirdly, they must have the same data bus bandwidth (For example, either 16Mbx8 or 16Mbx16). Only those qualified the above conditions can activate the dual channel mode. To meet those conditions, Kingmax, with the leading edge technology and bountiful experience, has innovated a series of DDR products that consist of high compatibility and efficiency. Those advantages are unbeatable when in comparison with those no brand memory modules.

With the professional technology and experience, along with our insistence in product quality, Kingmax will guarantee each one of our “Dual Channel” memory module maintains the same quality standards, and 100 percent compatibility to all platforms. There are also a complete serious of products available: the specifications of DDR266, DDR333 to DDR400, and the memory capacity of 128MB, 256MB and 512MB. Also, the whole series of products have passed the certification for the “Dual Channel Platform” by every most prestigious motherboard manufacture, and therefore their comparability and efficiency should not be questioned.