View Full Version : Does this look about right?

06-12-2003, 12:35 AM
I just setup the following today:
2.4C P4
Asus P4P800
2x256mb PC3200 Samsung
80gb WD 8mb HDD
Hercules 4000XT (hehe dont laugh i know it's crap)
Windows XP Pro SP1

Everything is a stock speeds including ram timings which are by SPD at the moment.
I just ran Sandra 2003 and I was wondering if these numbers I got are about right for the above system.

CPU Arithmetic:
ALU: 7194 MIPS
FPU: 2059/4546 MFLOPS

CPU multimedia:
Int: 10993 it/s
Float: 17596 it/s

Memory Bandwith:
Int: 3939 mb/s
Float: 3985 mb/s

Thanks :cheers: