View Full Version : Score! Gonna give Epox another go

07-21-2003, 06:19 AM
Got a nice deal worked out for a used 8RDA which is verified to run a 200MHz FSB. Bonus is that the guy selling it to me slapped a Vantec cooler on it---which is good because of the heat problems this board seems to have (the stock NB cooler seems to kinda suck).

Next up is to get me some PC3200, but I'll see how far my current PC2100 does. I've had both sticks up to 150MHz @ CAS2. Samsung chips, so that should help. I don't think I'll be getting much past that, but who knows.

$70 shipped seems to be a pretty fair deal IMO. I've got several NICs and a good soundcard, so that stuff isn't a big deal.

God, I need a board with some OC lovin'. Haven't OC'd that trust 1.4 T-bird in a long time, but I've come close to 1.6GHz. Be nice if I could hit that with this board. (Yes, I know I'm living a few years back in OC land)