View Full Version : The pc clock will not keep the correct time

02-19-2002, 11:18 AM
Well, I just got my mom a MSI Nforce Motherboard...she is running win98 se ...The problem now she says that sometimes the computer clock will adance like an hour in 20 minutes.

]I have heard them go slow but never to fast...

Can someone fill me in?

Mr. C
02-19-2002, 11:36 AM
Could be the CMOS?
Cheap enough to try a new one and see if it fixes it.

And you can always synch the clock with a timeserver too, lots of apps for DL that do that for you.

02-19-2002, 01:26 PM
bios update, maybe some1 installed that time hack that makes everything fast or wotever on a computer...

umn, otherwise it maybe a flat cmos - though i doubt in a new mobo

might have somefin to do wif accidental user interaction - it does happen alot - are you getting the full story?

02-19-2002, 08:45 PM
Well, I wouldn't think my mom would hold back on a story if she thought it might cause a problem...

The motherboard is brand new straight from the retailer. So, unless they installed the time hack then I dont think that is the issue.

She said it has only happend twice in two days. She also says that when she starts to see the minutes go faster than normal...she just reboots and it is fine afterwards. IT doesn't do it all the time.

Anyone know where to get another CMOS chip? Is there a defualt chip that I can use and just flash it?

Mr. C
02-20-2002, 08:46 AM
CMOS is the battery on the mobo.
Most often a regular type watch battery CR2032 is quite common, though yours could certainly be different. Probably get one at any PC store, though your best bet is to go to a regular department store, probably get one cheaper.
Photoshops and jewelry stores also have them.

Check your mobo documentation to see just what kind is required.
If it ain't in there, just pop open the case and use your eyeball on it.