View Full Version : PNY and Inno3D

12-02-2001, 03:13 AM
Anyone have any experience with PNY and Inno3D brand cards? I was scoping out the new Titanium GForce cards and those guys keep popping up on pricewatch. Just wondering


12-02-2001, 05:22 AM
I believe that [H]ard|OCP has just posted a review of the PNY one, but I don't know how well it did.

12-02-2001, 09:04 AM
Yes they did and the link is in TT Web News (http://www.tweaktown.com/news.php). Inno 3D one was there to but it got recycled in a database hiccup so I'm not sure where the review is now but both cards performed very well (nothing spectacular) and neither had any probs. ;)
They are apparently very good budget solutions. :smokin:

12-02-2001, 07:43 PM
I've been seeing good overclocking results from the PNY cards. Rumor also has it that some of them use 4ns RAM on the Ti200 cards, which should provide for a lot of overclocking headroom.

12-03-2001, 09:58 PM
[H]ard|OCP also has a nice 8-card shoot out of regular GF3s.

thanx guys.