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08-21-2003, 03:40 PM
The damage is done for the most part, because the review is 8 months old, but I happened to come across a discussion about the Review at another forum, and suffice to say Tweaktown did not look good.

Anyways, here is a link to the review: (and the page with the following paragraphs)


Here are just TWO paragraphs chock full of mistakes with: Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Tense, Possessive's and just plain bad English. I only marked the clear mistakes, but pretty much every word is in a poorly formed sentence. Itís really no big deal to me, but this is my way of looking out for Tweaktown. If this review was my first impression of Tweaktown, there is NO way I would have stuck around for the ForumsÖ I guess I have to believe that this person does not speak english as their first language, and so I don't mean to pick on him, but someone should be proofreading his work.

Epoxís nForce2 is defiantly the quickest motherboard board thanks to its Dual Channel. The KT400 held its ground and MSI have been able to put together a very nice product. The DFI is defiantly the coolest looking board in the roundup (and possibly ever) and comes with a host of features to match what the market is looking for - We are currently investigating the performance difference between the KT400 and KT400A and why VIA's newest chipset is represented as being slower in our benchmarks. Considering the KT400 doesnít have support for Dual Channel, it performed very well in a large amount of tests, it will be interesting to see when VIA brings Dual Channel chipsets to the party, if they even do. We would have liked to be able to test VIAís newest Athlon XP chipset, the KT600, which promises to delivery greater performance but samples were limited at time of testing due to VIA still perfecting the product. Once we receive VIA KT600 samples, we will make the results known.

The KT400 and nForce 2 came out pretty close but in the end the power of Dual Channel really showed and in most benchmarks we see it pull ahead. While the KT400A was quicker in memory benchmarks it far from showed in anything else which was unfortunate considering its predecessor, the KT400, was capable of beating it in just about everything. Itís excellent to see that nVidia have put some good R & D into one of their newest chipsets. They have given more enthusiast users everything they want from good overclocking options to dual channel DDR support. If you donít want to spend the dollars going to Intel and still want a very fast setup, nForce 2 is the way to go and for this reason it has been awarded our Editors Choice award.

08-21-2003, 03:44 PM
There are no excuses for that and frankly I'm not sure how that passed through the system.

I will get onto it now!

08-21-2003, 03:53 PM
Fixed, I won't let that happen again.