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09-04-2003, 02:42 AM
my sig has my current rig on it but i need some info.

on my shelf i have an 1800+ pali and im looking for a m/b and ram for it. i want to be able to upgrade the processor in the future but i want to be able to have the 1800 as a back up/ plaything after i do get another one. my current rig has a 1.0ghz running at 1.2 (fsb only) and 1 gig of 133 sdram. now the question (drum roll please) if you wanted a great m/b which asus or soyo would you get? and how much ram would you put into it to get a comprable speed as the 1 gig that i already have.

i am not going to o/c the pali very much if any at all but i will probibly o/c in the future.

i.e 2 x 128 in dual channel = 1 gig pc133 sdram
2 x 258 in dual channel = 1 gig pc133 sdram
or 1 x 512 ddr pc 2700 /3200 = 1 gig pc133 sdram
or somthing like that.

thanks in advance

09-04-2003, 07:10 AM
the nf2 deluxe model, most recent revision.....this will give you upgrade abilities as well.....my 2cents