View Full Version : help me!!!!!!!!!!!

09-04-2003, 09:29 AM
What up all, I just got in an abit th7-raid motherboard for my 423 intel. I installed everything. except the RAM i did although put in 2 of the c-rimms. Anyway, i try botting up and nothing happens!!!! the motherboard will turn on along with the hard drive but nothing comes on my screen. I tried 2 different video cards and monitors and nothing works. What can i do? shouldnt at least go through post? it read 00 on the led but i dont see that code in the book so i dont know what to do. if u can help me please either post here or IM me on AIM with tthe handle Moctezuma05. Thnx, this is a comp for my sister and they need it ASAP. Thanks in advance.