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09-24-2003, 04:31 AM
<center>ASUS "concept" mainboard</center>

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Probably the most exciting idea ASUS had lined up at their booth was their “concept PC” for 2004 motherboard featuring two PCI Express 1X slots and one PCI Express 16X slot. Installed in the 16X slot was an ATI video card, probably using either a 9200 or 9600 GPU. Unfortunately, this PCI Express video card was not running at all; ASUS’ concept PC for 2004 is truly just that, a concept. The only part of the system that was running was the CPU HSF. This quite obviously means that PCI Express video cards are not so far along in testing that a manufacturer would be able to show off its capabilities. Still, we’ve been told by countless motherboard, chipset, and CPU manufacturers that PCI Express will be a solid 2004 product, likely rearing its head in late Q1/early Q2 with true mass production slated for sometime in Q4 depending on how market acceptance of PCI Express devices turns out in the beginning.