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09-26-2003, 04:54 AM
New Benchmarking Tool</center>
The company More3D develops 3D stereo software and tools. Historically the more3D core developer team comes from ELSA AG. They now published a benchmark tool (somewhat similar to Fraps) based on their 3D stereo technology which allows to capture the framerate and polygon throughput in any Direct3D application and also offers a graphical curve output.

<center><img src="http://images.tweaktown.com/news/news_morebench.gif">

A closeup of the moreBENCH LX control panel showing the current FPS - frames per second - graph and inactive VSYNC.</center>
moreBENCH LX benchmark revolutionizes 3D benchmarking. Gamers, developers and professionals can now display their software performance and even analyze the performance over time! No need to run dedicated applications, but use the latest 3D software on your graphics hardware!

Supports WindowsXP Home, WindowsXP Professional and Windows 2000
Will benchmark any Direct3D based full screen application
Graphical display of:
- Frames per second (FPS)
- Primitives per second (PPS)
Display of minimum and maximum values of each parameter
Adjustable graph scale
VSYNC on/off hotkey

The benchmark will be provided as freeware and "as is"! more3D will provide NO SUPPORT but provide a discussion forum accessible for registered users to share ideas and receive help about the moreBENCH software. There will be a professional version later for use by EDITORS or DEVELOPERS or other professionals aith added features and options in a few months.

Placed between VGA driver and application the benchmark tool can catch all 3D-calls and measures the data. The output gives you avg/min/max values of the framerate and the Polygon throughput. The tool is available as freeware.

More3D Website (http://www.more3d.com/)

09-26-2003, 07:16 AM
Too many benchmarks coming out now. 3Dmark2001SE was great because that was the main benchmark. Now there are tons of new DX9 programs coming out. I really hope that one will rise above the rest so we have a more generic score.