View Full Version : Xbox update shuts out Linux.

09-30-2003, 01:52 AM
An automatic update for Xbox users removes a bug that allowed users to run Linux on their machines

Microsoft is updating Internet-enabled Xbox game consoles with a software patch that blocks users from installing the Linux operating system on the machine, and also apparently deletes some files Linux users have stored on the Xbox's hard drive, according to the Xbox Linux Project.

[b]The group also noted that some Xbox Live-enabled games appear to automatically connect to Microsoft servers, identifying the machine running the game, without the need for an Xbox Live account.

it might not be news for few but imo it is a must read article

09-30-2003, 02:17 AM
He said the update also erased a directory on the Xbox's hard drive that had contained a document he created and stored using Linux. "I never allowed Microsoft alter anything on my Xbox through the Internet, and I never signed anything that contains a permission for Microsoft to do so," he wrote in an open letter to Microsoft, published on the Xbox Linux Web site. "I never allowed Microsoft to delete anything on my Xbox through an Internet connection."

Steil noted that Microsoft's actions might even be subject to penalties under Germany's anti-hacker laws.

Splinter Cell did not transmit the console's serial number, at least not in plain-text form, but a response from the server contained the number. This "proves that Microsoft knows about the serial, and knows what Xbox just started Splinter Cell", Steil said in a statement on the Xbox Linux site.

"Microsoft spies on Xbox gamers. All Xbox Live users, even if they don't use any 'Live' content, as well as all other users that have set up their networking correctly, are automatically registered at Microsoft with their serial number each time they start Splinter Cell (and possibly other games), without being asked," he stated.

well if I was ever going to buy an xbox, I'm certainly not now. Why does this seems so typical of something M$ would do... :scream:

03-23-2004, 05:27 PM
Hell, i hope that Microsoft develop a patch that renders consoles with linux inoperable. I hate the fact that people want to hack the crap out of the xbox because they are too pov, or just too downright stupid, to buy their own PC and run windows from it. Some people are just never satisfied with what they have, even when they get the Xbox, a next generation console with great features they try and hack the crap out of it.

Seriously, all linux hackers do is make it easier for more potentially damaging things to happen to the xbox, and the gaming services that operate on them. In my opinnion microsoft should track these guy's down and prosecute them to te FULL extent of the law.

But hey, thats just my opniion, right?