View Full Version : Sharing IR receiver between devices?

10-02-2003, 05:20 AM
In the process of building my HTPC and looking at the Infrared Receivers on both the MSI FX5600 video card and the Leadtec TV tuner, they both appear identical. Like, cast from the same mold identical. I'm not entirely sure how these receive signal, but would it be possible to wire just one receiver for both hardware devices? I can easily splice or apply a new end to the cable, but I'm wondering if this would cause conflicts between devices. I'd really rather have one receiver for space considerations, and I want to cut the cable anyway, as the FX5600 has an external breakout box, and I want to mount the IR receiver internally behind a smoked Lexan bezel. I'll put an external female outlet and a new male end on the breakout box. It looks like a standard 1/8" miniplug. I will eventually be using a learning universal remote to control both devices. Any help out there from you hardware gurus? :cheers:

10-04-2003, 12:17 AM
After some research, I've realized that it may be more of a pain than I'd thought. I was hoping to use the IRDA header on the motherboard for a universal IR receiver, freeing up other ports. One is available from Actisys (http://www.actisys.com/act210.html) but it's a bit pricey, and there's no guarantee that it would work with my motherboard, or that it would do what I'd like it to do. I would also have to mod it extensively to keep it all internal. Apparently Asus manufactured at one time a transceiver that would have been perfect....that is, if it were available. :( I found articles by people searching for this particular device as far back as 1998...and none said they'd ever found one. I'm still shopping for a wireless keyboard and mouse, and I found one that I like, but it's RF, so I may not have everything controlled from one transceiver in any case. Anyone know where I can get a tesseract to use as a computer case? :rolleyes2
I'll go ahead and run both IR receivers and hope I can fit in the RF transceiver at a later date. Thanks for those of you that at least viewed my post. :cheers: