View Full Version : paid for IC7-G, think i got IC7

10-04-2003, 01:08 PM
I went through zipzoomfly.com (googlegear.com) Paid for the IC7-G got the package, came in the right box, but the board says IC7, but there is a green sticker that says IC7-G. so what should an IC7-G actually look like?

10-04-2003, 01:18 PM
IC7-G <img src="http://www.abit-usa.com/images/products/IC7G-lg.jpg">

IC7 <img src="http://www.abit-usa.com/images/products/IC7-lg.jpg">

10-04-2003, 04:43 PM
It's printed right above the memory slots as shown in the pictures above.

10-04-2003, 04:49 PM
ya, above the memory it says ic7, but off to the left there is a sticker that says ic7-g. also my north bridge heatsink and fan look different, mine looks like the one on the max 3

10-04-2003, 05:38 PM
i heard one of the earlier abit boards would have un updated NB fan, exactly like the MAX3. is it possible they made an ic7g "upgraded" from an ic7 that passed some tests?

just some random thoughts

10-05-2003, 01:35 AM
No the G stands for Gigabit LAN, the IC7 has no LAN at all. The jack is there but it doesn't work.