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11-15-2003, 09:14 AM

i am trying to determine what is the culprit in a new system i am putting together. I bought a Chaintech Zenith board http://www.chaintech.com.tw/tw/eng/product_spec.asp?MPSNo=13&PISNo=12 ) and i am using a amd XP 3000+ (400FSB version). When i boot the system it just stays black, i get no beep or anything on the monitor. This mobo has a CBOX LED display for errors and it displays FF* . I swapped video cards to no avail. I tried two dif mem sticks in all 3 dimm slots with no success. I even tried to swap in at xp1600+ CPU all with the same results. now, i also tried to put the 3000+ in a Shuttle AK32 ( http://www.active-hardware.com/english/reviews/mainboard/ak32.htm ) and also when i try to boot this up i just get a black screen as well -- but is this bc the AK32 is too old for the 400sb 3000+?? If so, i assume the Chaintech is DOA -- any help is appreciated thanks in advance guys


FF on the led display refers to the follow error codes
1. Incorrect BIOS Versions (i have the shipped bios installed, i just got the mobo today)
2. Add on cards inserted incorrectly (I tried two diferent agp video cards, im sure they were in there correctly.
3. BIOS Chip inserted incorrectly (I never touched it, it looks correct)
4. Motherboard problem (no sh!t) :D

11-15-2003, 11:03 AM
ok guys i ruled out the motherboard is bad. with everythig disconnected i still have the FF error, it must be the mobo. now just to be thorough id like to check the CPU out. the only PC i have available to test it on is the shuttle board which has a via kt266 chipset on it -- my question is:

I cannot run a XP 3000+ 400FSB on a KT266 right???

if i am wrong there then i should be able to boot with the xp3000+ on the kt266 but at just a lower speed?? bc i cannot get the xp3000+ to boot in that board either, but im not sure if i should be able to.


11-15-2003, 11:02 PM
On a KT266 I doubt that ya'd get a 166MHz FSB CPU to work on it. Send the lot back to the supplier and get them to test it (I hope ya usin' PC3200 memory). :beer:

11-16-2003, 07:37 AM
yeah i didnt think a 400mhz fsb chip would work on a 266mhz fsb, but just figured id ask :D. i am sending the doa board back to newegg and awaiting for its replacement, and yes i am using pc3200 ddr memmeory. thanks