View Full Version : Can someone help me setup a Network XP pro/98se

03-06-2002, 07:00 AM
Well first I will start out what I have....

I have one pc running WinXP pro
another PC running Win98se
total of 3 nics (2x 10/100 and 1x10mbs)
3 regular patch cords (CAT5)
1 Linksys switch/router 5 port with an uplink
cable modem from Comcast

What I am trying to do is hook both pc's on together to share files and the internet.

I have followed several guides and with no luck I can only the 1 pc but not the other....and vice versa on the other pc...

first lets see if I got this hooked up ok...

the xp computer (is the main pc with that is connected to the internet now) has 2 nics installed ...one is called internet and the other is called lan.

Ok...starting from the cable modem..
straight thru cable goes to the internet nic....then from the Lan nic...it goes to the uplink prt to the switch (I don't have a cross over cable) then from the switch it goes to the win98 computer

Now to start ....this is ok right?

BTW: I am running raid 0 in the XP computer...if that means

03-06-2002, 07:21 AM
Doesnt that setup defeat the purpose of a router?
You should be able to just have 1 NIC in each PC and with a straight through cable plug each nic into the router, the uplink port on the router is to plug another switch into.
then configure each PC to have the routers IP address as their gateway and DNS(the routers manual should explain that part)

03-06-2002, 07:27 AM
nevermind...I didn't understand the first time read your post
Poop....it is just a switch.... I guess it does not have the router

03-14-2002, 09:42 AM
Try looking here.


What you have done sounds right, but, this site will give you the specifics.

Good Luck!

03-14-2002, 10:03 AM
Thanks for the link...I forgot to give an update... All my setting were ok...it boiled down to be a BAD Nic.......I hate it when that happens