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11-28-2003, 05:35 PM
I nabbed myself an Abit AI7 and 3.0C L336B264 (it's a B! ) cpu. Had to stick it in my Accent HT200S desktop case as it's the only one i have. Was planning to get some power + reset switch connector wires to set it up on a bench.

All Pics: http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/web/

Lovely NB heatsink (feels a bit loose though)

New 3.0C heatsink with small copper round center

The plastic bracket's white pegs were bloody hard to get out. But finally got them out to install MCX4000 with 80 to 120mm aluminium adaptor


With 120x38mm Delta 190cfm fan installed:

Everything installed in the HT200S case

Board LED



2.4C Q322A285 - to test limits of board first
3.0C L336B264

Memory to test for now:
2x 512MB XMS3200C2
2x 512MB XMS3500C2
2x 512MB OCZ PC3500 Gold DC
2x 512MB OCZ PC3500 Platinum Limited Edition DC
2x 512MB OCZ PC3700 Gold DC
2 - 4 x 256MB OCZ RulesOCZ RulesOCZ RulesOCZ RulesOCZ Rules PC4000
2 - 4 x 512MB Hynix PC3200 D43

128MB Gigacube 9600PRO
(unfortunately 9800PRO doesn't fit the case when hdd is installed see 9600PRO just fits here (http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/web/AI7_071.html)

120GB WD 1200JB
Yamaha CD-RW burner

520W Topower Gold dual fan PSU

@ stock the bios reports

2.4C @ 2400mhz

CPU: 35C
System: 27C
PWM: 27 - 28C

Unfortunately, i don't like how Abit divided the bios monitoring pages into one page for temps, one for voltages and one for fans

Prefer to see all of it on one page in the bios!

Abit's EQ or uGuru



Some default benchmarks to start with

2X 512MB OCZ PC3500 Platinum Limited Edition Dual channel sticks


@ 200mhz 2-2-2-5 at 2.8v
(can do it at 2.7v but since memory is rated at 2.75v and no 2.75v vdimm option in bios so used 2.8v)

GA = F1
Refresh Cycle Time = AUTO
Read Delay = AUTO
Read Delay Adjust = AUTO
Command Per Clock = AUTO

Sandra 2004 STD
Buffered: (http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/results/2.4C_Q322A285/OCZ/pc3500plat/2x512/200-200-2225-F1-AAAA-1.525v-2.8v-1.6v/mem-buff.jpg) 4987/4985
Unbuffered: (http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/results/2.4C_Q322A285/OCZ/pc3500plat/2x512/200-200-2225-F1-AAAA-1.525v-2.8v-1.6v/mem-unbuff.jpg) 3162/3254

Aida32 3.85
Read: (http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/results/2.4C_Q322A285/OCZ/pc3500plat/2x512/200-200-2225-F1-AAAA-1.525v-2.8v-1.6v/aida-read.jpg) 5137
Write: (http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/results/2.4C_Q322A285/OCZ/pc3500plat/2x512/200-200-2225-F1-AAAA-1.525v-2.8v-1.6v/aida-write.jpg) 2101

Pcmark2002 (http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/results/2.4C_Q322A285/OCZ/pc3500plat/2x512/200-200-2225-F1-AAAA-1.525v-2.8v-1.6v/pcmark2002.jpg)
CPU: 6008
MEM: 9868
HDD: 1082

Pcmark04 (http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/results/2.4C_Q322A285/OCZ/pc3500plat/2x512/200-200-2225-F1-AAAA-1.525v-2.8v-1.6v/pcmark04.jpg) = 3978

3Dmark2001 (http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/results/2.4C_Q322A285/OCZ/pc3500plat/2x512/200-200-2225-F1-AAAA-1.525v-2.8v-1.6v/3dmark2001.jpg): 11,986
3Dmark2003 (http://www.fileshosts.com/pentium4/D1/abit/AI7/results/2.4C_Q322A285/OCZ/pc3500plat/2x512/200-200-2225-F1-AAAA-1.525v-2.8v-1.6v/3dmark2003.jpg): 3441


CPUZ for AI7 when GAT is set seems to think 1:1 is 5:4 for some reason, but as you can see 1:1 benchmark results are above..

And i can confirm AI7 does have 3.2v vdimm options

11-30-2003, 03:22 AM
I was thinking about getting that board for my new system next week. I'm also getting a P4 3,0GHZ C CPU. But after seeing some of your scores I think I'll stick with MSI 865PE Neo2 unless something changes my mind in the next couple of days.

11-30-2003, 04:58 AM
what does the MSI board get for benchies @ 200mhz 2-2-2-5 1:1 ?

12-10-2003, 05:19 AM
so man the DDR v does for sure go up to 3.2??????

could you post some screen shots of the DDR

if you set it to 3.0 does it run at 2.9????

this is the only reason i would buy this board
i have a IC7 now and am very very happy with it.. it just serously lacks the juice needed to really run memory at any kind of speed...

as of now ime running Geil goldendragon PC3500
and i can run that @ 1x1 249fsb 2.5-6-4-4


and this little cpu rocks its a 2.6c and i can run it at 295 fsb 1.7v in bios = 1.68 or so actual...

i run the 5/4 multy timings> 2-6-3-3 and gat same as above....

12-12-2003, 01:25 AM
here ya go

AI7 @ 240mhz 2-2-2-6 at 3.2v vdimm 1:1
GA = AUTO though

-> 10+ hrs prime stable
-> 225 passes of memtest86 test #5 ~3hrs 7mins running error free


12-12-2003, 01:57 AM
thanx man i think ime gonna sell this IC7 and pick up one of those...
this 2.8 v on the mem sucks hard...