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03-10-2002, 12:13 AM
I have a problem. For some reason graphics in my other PC gets corrupted. This effects almost only 2D graphics and only so called "photo-like" graphics. What ever high quality picture or video I try to watch, the picture is filled with "noise" ... I think thats the word for it. Also when watching a videopicture, no matter which format, colors also bleed.There is no problems with games - atleast not with the games I have tried (RtCW,Max
Payne,Medal of Honor etc) also none of the windows backround pictures never gets any noise. None. Even when I use the photolike 32 bit ones. But just loading a web page with say advertisement with small picture in it (digitized photo pic) and the noise is there. Also loading any .avi .asf .mov or .divx file gives instant noise plus bleeding colors.

Here is some info about my system :

FIC AZ31 OEM version motherboard (with onboard VIA AC'97 Audio Controller (WDM)
(VIA Technologies Inc VT8363/5 KT133/KM133 System Controller)
Award Software International, Inc. Version:6.00 PG BIOS

800Mhz Athlon M4 (Thunderbird) 650-1.4G 1.7-1.8V
Front Side Bus Speed:2x 100MHz (200MHz data rate)
256 Kingston pc133 memory
Ati Radeon 7200 64Mb agp
Realtek RTL8139/810X Family Fast Ethernet NIC #2
Microsoft Windows 2002 XP Professional Workstation Version 5.01.2600

AGP Bus Version:2.00
Current Data Transfer Rate:4x 66MHz (264MHz data rate)
Side Band Enabled:Yes
Fast-Writes Enabled:No
Aperture Size:64MB

Now before you go all blaming the videocard I have to tell that the problem first occurred with Geforce2 MX card (agp) and I have also tried TNT2 PCI card with same corrupted results.

I have tried all available drivers beta and official, reinstalled windows XP, reinstalled DirectX 8.1, reinstalled 4in1 4.37 drivers. Tried Georges VIA patches (v0.19).Tried different monitor.Plyed with bios memory settings (cannot do much there though) disabled on board sound, disabled usb, disabled serial port and probably tried something else also...

any ideas? any suggestions? all answers welcome.


03-16-2002, 06:04 AM
Well, I'll post an answer myself incase someone else runs into same kind of situation...

The processor did the errors. New processor cleared all the "curruption" in pictures and videos.


03-16-2002, 10:13 AM
I'm glad you sorted that out as I had no idea of what ya prob could have been as you covered everthing that I could think of. :smokin:

03-16-2002, 10:03 PM
Yeah, the cpu was actually the last thing I would have suspected to be defective. But since cpu was easier to test than the motherboard I decided, fortunately, to test it first.

I wonder if I could get a replacement from AMD since there obviously is something wrong with the chip. I have never overclocked it or anything. Too bad I accidently removed the sticker from the chip when I cleaned the resedue from the silver stuff (though some of it might have short circuited something)

Oh well.


03-17-2002, 01:29 AM
Get in contact with the retailer who you bought it from. If they're a decent company, they will refund/RMA your processor. If they give you a hassle, then you know where NOT to do business anymore.