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12-29-2003, 09:18 PM
Our good friends from nVidia (http://www.nvidia.com) in Singapore sent us through 14 little stuffed novelty Snowmen teddy bears to giveaway to you folk on TweakTown!


Each is packaged in a little Christmas box and are personally signed by the Marketing Director and Marketing Manager of nVidia Asia Pacific. There will be a total of 7 winners all up - each winner will be sent two teddy bears for him or herself and family or friends. Prizes will be shipped worldwide at the expense of TweakTown.

How to enter? Simple! Just tell us in this thread what you like about nVidia and the most insightful and creative answers will be the winners. Please do not e-mail responses. This competition will conclude on the 15th of January 2004.

Good luck and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

: peace2: :woot: : peace2:

12-30-2003, 01:16 AM
Even though i am currently using an ATi card. Nvidia always provide stability and powerful cards like the ti4200 which was cheap and affordable for people that do not have the extra cash to shell out for top of the line cards like the FX5900 or FX5950. The ti4200 is cheap and powerful, best bang for the buck. :cheers:

12-30-2003, 02:33 AM
Nvidia has always made great products, no matter how much your budget may be they'll have something that is great for what you want to pay. ATI may be a little ahead of them in some categories, but nvidia isn't too far behind and keeps things very very competitive and keeps the prices going down :laugh: The Nforce 2 motherboards are the best out there for amd platforms and everything I've ever owned from them (several motherboards and video cards) have been super reliable, I've never had a problem with anything I've owned. I will be a nvidia fan for life!

12-30-2003, 03:55 AM
Hey , I agree with what you say but,..... . The point of the matter is no matter how much i love my 230 dollar TI 4600 , the new 275 dollar 9800 pro i have rocks the socks off it . I am an avid consumer and strive to get the most for my money , yes i spend lots , but hopefully when pci express hits nvidia will have the better deal or i will get ati again or whomever out there is good enough for the dough . The only loyalty should be with they best card for the money ..... not with standing crap is crap . Oh well lost my point but i used to say i was nvidia guy till i saw a 9800 pro in action for myself ........... love it wish the 256 models were cheaper
where is the us card maker that is gonna jump the pci expressbandwagon and rock these prices to the ground ..... :confused:

12-30-2003, 04:21 AM
I've been using Nvidia vgas for 2 years now and I never wanted to change. First, i bought a gf2 mx, it was cheap, reliable and the most important thing, it was the best vga in terms of performance. Now, I'm using GF4 ti4600, which a bought sometime ago because I knew that Nvidia well-known performance would fit perfectly to me. Since my first computer, I have been using nvidia vga's because they are powerfull, helping me to work and play the best games with the best configuration possible. For me benchmarks that shows ATI beating Nvidia means nothing, cause I think it's not true and I'm really satisfied with my vga and I won't change it soon, because it's not necessary.

Keep the good job Nvidia dudes.

12-30-2003, 04:55 AM
I used to have a 64MB Radeon and it was great for the long time I had it on my old 400MHz Celeron, then I built a new system with an AMD Athlon XP 2200+ when they were first released and needed a new video card and one day while at Wal-Mart, I ran across a GeForce FX 5600 (256MB) and decided to give Nvidia a chance and since it was a new card for its time and expensive, I had to have it because UT2003 on a 256MB graphics card was just mind boggling. The card was so great at running UT2003 and from there on I was sold and to this day, I still have it, running at 8x AGP, its just the coolest. Thanks Nvidia! (P.S. Call of Duty plays damn good too!)

12-30-2003, 06:19 AM
:shoot: ATI

nVidia has always been a top preformer, and in my mind, that is what counts. I love how overclockable the graphics cards are espescially. No matter what people say, nVidia is the best graphics card and chipset manufacture, hands down. ATI may look better in some reviews, but now with the new drivers, the tables have turned. Plus, what was the chipset of the year? The nForce2, duh. And the nForce3 is well on its way to doing the same. Offering something as unique as a single chip design is the most astounding thing I have ever seen. I have only used nVidia grapics products, and I will continue to do so. My first PC had a Riva 128ZX, and now I have a GeForce4 MX. I plan to buy the GeForceFX 5900 XT, which I forsee will dominate the mainstream market next year. What I love the most about nVidia though, is the features that they will offer to the mainstream market with the GeForceFX 5900 XT. Bearing 256-bit memory and 8 pixles per clock rendering, it is going to be the best card for $220. If nVidia keeps offering awsome features that usually only high-end cards have to the mainstream market, I will always buy nVidia, for that is what I love about nVidia.

12-30-2003, 07:32 AM
Although it is summer in Sydney
And the weather is blisteringly hot
You would think that my vid card would be melting
I can happily report that it's not
Yes it has a bit of an overclock
Yes it is by technology standards, old
But my ti4200 is from good stock
and its reliability is what makes it gold
I'll sing the praises of Nvidia
For the sake of a snowman or two
Oh gf4ti4200 i'll never get rid-of-ya
my loyalty to the brand remains true.


12-30-2003, 08:12 AM
What do I like about nVidia?

Well. My GeForce 2 OCed well, and is still running strong.

What else? They arent canadian.. wait, thats bad.

what else... hmm.. they cheat on benchmarks so that people will buy them, then notice they arent as good and they should be.

They seem to like the sound of jets. Lots of traveling they must do, so hopefully they give AirCanada some business to keep them alive.

They say thier cards are DX9 compatible, but they are not fully. oh well I bet thats M$s fault anyways.

I really dont want a stuffed snowman...

12-30-2003, 12:02 PM
It works:devil:

12-30-2003, 01:34 PM
NVidia has got the right business idea. When the FX 5800 less than performed, what did NVidia do? They agreed, they reworked it, and introduced a newer, better core. This sort of no-nonsense, if-it's-broke-fix-it attitude wins my favor. Their drivers are rock-solid 100% of the time (and get better as new versions are released), their chips are always cutting edge, and their commitment to quality stands above the rest.

No wonder NVidia comes from the word for "envy" in Latin. Other companies can do only that.

NVidiot 4 Life. :D :D :D

12-30-2003, 07:42 PM
Some funny stuff in this thread. :) a 5900 XT? Is that a cross between a GF card with an ATI extension? hehehe.. Nice work by the poet suffering an Aussie summer as well.

Why is nVidia good? Because it allows ATi to shine even better. :) It gives ATi someone to compare to and show how good they are.

12-31-2003, 03:50 AM
Nvidia provide great quality cards at a good price ( mainly the GF4 Ti4200 and more recently the FX5700U) and the driver support has always been great and you can count on the to add more performance to the card and promptly squash any bugs that may appear. Also they designed some great little teddy bears :P

12-31-2003, 12:09 PM
why lie and put up alot of crap I want the bears and yes i do have 2 cards a 4200&4800 give me the bears

12-31-2003, 12:40 PM
Now that is an honest man! :hammer:

12-31-2003, 02:25 PM
why lie and put up alot of crap I want the bears and yes i do have 2 cards a 4200&4800 give me the bears

Bears? Where? ;)

01-03-2004, 11:50 PM
NVIDIA seems to have a close association with my favorite software developer, ID Software. Most of my gaming time has been used playing their games, or games that use their graphics engines. Only one maker can be the best, if ATI is ahead now it's because they won the coin-toss. Next card, we'll see. I also like NVIDIA"S logo better(very important).
Take care, Johnz

01-04-2004, 12:44 AM
nVidia is a fully sick bro company and they make fully sick bro stuff...and uhhhh...fully....bro...


01-04-2004, 03:59 AM
I've used nvidia because they were the best. Were, because they are now behind ATI (IMHO). Too bad, since they held the #1 spot for a long time. But I hope they will be able to take it back again in 2004

01-04-2004, 10:34 AM
nVidia leads in the industry, with not only graphic cards but sound as well.
The nVidia range are used to power the XBox, a fantastic console.
Though I don't have a nVidia card anymore, my MX440 and Ti4200 were the most reliable cards that I have ever used. With value for money in mind too. nVidia offer high performance cards to people on small budgets. :thumb:

01-04-2004, 11:52 AM
nVidia, just the name sounds good. They live up to every expectation. Even when they bummed out on the first round of Geforce FX's and there noise from the fan issue, the card was still something to want. Even today when they have the Latest nVidia Geforce FX 5950 and it takes up 2 slots, well it is sure worth the power. My father has always taught me to like Intel and nVidia because of their power, and staibability. Even though they each owned a large block of their market, cost more then the competitors, he still always is for nVidia and Intel. I find it odd because nVidia released a few motherboard chipsets that support AMD microprocessors. But what do I own today? An Intel and an ATI! Why did I go with ATI rather than nVidia? Well, one reason is I didn't have the extra slot above my AGP slot, and the second is I only had enough money to get a midrange card, and nVidia's midrange got defeated by ATI's midrange cards. So it was a better deal for me. And since I am a Half-Life 2 fanatic that loves the code and engine, nVidia's don't perform as well as ATI's do. Well, that's my story!

ALSO: I have a $10 dollar off a nVidia Geforce FX 5700 Ultra if any one wants it!! But you'll have to use it at BestBuy, and you'll have to visit my site to request it.

01-04-2004, 12:08 PM
This is why I like nVidia:

With their outstanding videocard performance and superior software quality, nVidia has for years given their customers the fastest and most visually advanced gaming experience money can buy.

I have been nothing but pleased by their products, which has convinced me that they got what it takes as a company to keep the market lead they took years ago, and retain it through the year 2004 and further.

nVidia has nothing to fear..

01-04-2004, 12:59 PM
Thinking about it.....this thread is like "Let's see who will suckup the most about nVidia and we'll give them these teddy bears"

man those bears r0x0rz they will go great with my Doom III Figure i have on my desk(see my site for details)

Mr. C
01-05-2004, 11:26 AM
They got that really yummy faery gal!

01-05-2004, 11:42 AM
I love Nvidia because they have great promotions and giveaways :thumb:

I think they also make video cards too.

01-05-2004, 12:51 PM
I'll tell you what...I was a longtime Nvidia loyalist...and with my most recent box...reviews told me best bang for the buck in the midrange was with their competition. I followed....and I regret it. While benchmarks may come a little higher for the competition, stability and features seem sacrificed overall compared to my Nvidia cards.

That's what Nvidia means to me...I don't care if it is a little more expensive, or a little lower performing in one generation, because at least, generation after generation, product after product, I get the stability and quality that I expect out of my computer and its components.

Even if I don't get a snowman...and anyone from Nvidia is reading this...hey, I'm sorry I bailed on you in your time of need...I'll be waiting for NV40, and I'll be back.

01-05-2004, 03:37 PM
Nvidia :shoot: --Fanboys

Nvidia doesn't need the fan base that an ATI or AMD has inorder to make a great product. The Ti4200 is still unmatched in quality/price and Nforce2's are still one of the few choices for an AMD motherboard. Despite some of the benchmarking problems that have been identified with Nvidia's more recent Graphics Cards, the products speak for themselves. With all of the support ATi has, Nvidia must be doing something right.


01-05-2004, 05:13 PM
I have a nVidia FX5900 Ultra, and it really rocks. I thinks that it's cool to have merchandise from the manufactor of the hardware that's in your computer. So thats why i'm trying to win this giveaway.

And a nice teddy snowmen is also something that your girlfriend can have fun with, when you are playing one of your favorite games with your beloved nVidia graphipscard ;)

Thanks for reading my thread, and sorry for my bad english. I'm from Denmark ;)

Happy newyear everybody.

01-06-2004, 05:32 AM
I love nVidia also, but when it comes to my budget and there is a better card for the money from a diffrent company i'll take it! Probaly because i like to experiement with things to find the best.

01-08-2004, 02:44 AM
Entitled: nVidia, nVidia!

nVidia, nVidia, You are the retinas to my computer...and your architecture couldn't be cuter.

nVidia, nVidia, It's the advanced options you provide in your advanced toolbar... that allows me to tweek my video settings like an electric guitar.

nVidia, nVidia, You allow me the optimal gaming experience...that provides me with a sixth sense.

nVidia, nVidia, You're the all around contender...that makes the competition surrender.

Keep up the great work!


01-08-2004, 07:49 AM
This is why I like nVidia:

With their outstanding videocard performance and superior software quality, nVidia has for years given their customers the fastest and most visually advanced gaming experience money can buy.

I have been nothing but pleased by their products, which has convinced me that they got what it takes as a company to keep the market lead they took years ago, and retain it through the year 2004 and further.

nVidia has nothing to fear..

I don't think that nvidia convinced you since you have been using a radeon 9800pro :angryfire

01-09-2004, 03:36 PM

:wow: :wow:

nVidia oh nVidia..
Your Geforce line is a masterpiece of its kind,
Clocking up insane speed beyond time,
Pushing up performance like mad,
And ForceWare tweaking it to the max.

Your nForce possess my Athlon like no other,
Giving me stability,
And overclocking beyond its capability.


01-14-2004, 04:37 AM
What's there to like about nVidia?

Or rather, what's there NOT to like about nVidia? Now that's a tough question!

Needless to say, the quality of nVidia graphics cards cannot be challanged. Surely benchmarks show close frame rate counts between nVidia cards and competitors from time to time; but frame rate is not everything.

Firstly, nVidia has been providing easy to use, easy to install, and most importantly, compatible and unified drivers for a long time. Unlike competitor's drivers, nVidia's drivers actually work and even suppoort lagacy products. Most competitors abandon legacy products; but nVidia takes pride in every single product they produce hence continues to support them all.

Besides quality, nVidia's products are also sold at competitive prices that everyone can afford; especially the mainstream products: worth every single hard-earned penny. As for some of the hardcore fans, the high-end products are also well worthed the extra bucks to get ahead of the game.

Here's to nVidia: keep up the good work! :angel:

And here's to nVidia's competitors: mess with the best, die like the rest! :devil:


01-14-2004, 02:33 PM
What I like about nvidia.

No more catalist issues. Some of the problems were stupid and never should have happened and don't with det/fw.

01-14-2004, 02:47 PM
It's my birthday on monday, is that a good enough excuse? hehe :D

01-14-2004, 03:58 PM
I'm a really big fan of my Ti500. Well worth the money when I put it in my system two years ago; I'd buy another one now given the chance. Still runs any game I can throw at it; makes me happy...

01-15-2004, 08:09 AM
The competition is now closed. Winners will be announced shortly!

01-15-2004, 12:26 PM
Here are the 7 winners!

- gramyre
- Andy
- DraGoN-BoY
- vergon
- The__tweaker
- Maniacmous
- sedavid1

Each person will be private messaged shortly!