View Full Version : I DID IT! 20k in Aqumark!

12-31-2003, 07:13 PM
Ok, so its no big deal to some, but Ive been tweaking and tweaking and trying my damnest to squeeze a 20k score out of this old hog, and after remodding my ti4200, I got it to run a 20k score. Heres da link for proof, my screenie got lost in the clipboard:


Basically, Ive been hovering around 19k for the longest time, but since I got the new PSU and heatsink for the new systemt hats coming, i decided to try out the butterfly 480 and the volcano 7+ on the old 1600 Palomino. SO I hooked it all up, and got to a stable FSB of 149, the last stable FSB I had was 144, not a big increase, but enough. I then ripped off the thermaltake GF4 cooler I had installed months ago on the ti4200, and scraped off all the crap Silicone thermal compund and the frag tape, and proceeded to reinstall the whole thing using ceraminque. I then cooled my room with the Ghetto Fan down to 14C (Brrr....) and turned the fan controller to max. I was getting CPU temps of 25C at full load (had [email protected] running in BG) So it was all set, I ran it, and BOOM, 20142. This was done with a locked 1600+ and no PCI/AGP locking (mobo doesnt support it)

So now that thats over with, its time to get ready for the 2500. Mmmm....


12-31-2003, 08:20 PM
GJ, with my 2.4c and my ti4400, i manage to score 22,000. :thumb: