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04-07-2004, 08:57 PM
ok im building my own comp but im haveing a problem putting it togather. so far everything is understanable in the book on how to put it togather. except one part. which in intel book is step 9 and the instructions as follows
"connect power LED, reset, power switch, HDD led, and front usb, audio, and 1394." so i got to figure out which wire goes to which PIN.

but my case has wires in the that are diffrent what the intel board book says. like for example.(this also has jumpers on them dont know if nething goes there the jumpers are set on
3 and 4, and 9 and 10)
AUD-MIC 1 2 aud-gnd
AUD-mic-bias 3 4 AUD-VCC
HP-ON 7 X Key
AUD-Fpout-L 9 10 AUD-RET-L

ok my case wires has this and i noticed that i have 3 wires of the same thing, same colors and 1 wire that is diffrent. and they have lil names for each wire at the end of the wire

WIRE 1 (in case wires)
Black- GND
ORG- mic in
RED- L-out
White- L-IN

WIRE 2- this one has 3 of the same thing(in case wires)
Black- GND
Green 2 + D
White 2 - D

ok another place i put more wires on the board is this
TPA1+ 1 2 TPA1-
Ground 3 4 Ground
TPA2+ 5 6 TPA2-
+12v 7 8 +12v
Key X 10 Ground

USB A and B
Power (+5v) 1 2 Power(+5v)
D- 3 4 D-
D+ 5 6 D+
Ground 7 8 Ground
Key X 10 No connect

from the wires in the case to the intel decribtion in there book were do i put these wire?

*edit* the numbers are pin numbers. i had spaces in between them, but after i sent forum the spaces went closer togather

01-13-2006, 10:18 AM
after two years i never figured this out lol, the wires are not connected still there just hanging in my pc can somone tell me since im gonna work on it soon?:)

01-14-2006, 07:47 AM
The case manual should tell you what cables go to which pins.

If the board looks like this ::::. and your case manual has the cables labled in that same position (direction), just match them up. Start from the ground, and un-used pin. I hate proprietary headers.