View Full Version : Reformatting Intel Audio Player

04-08-2004, 12:39 PM
I have an Intel Pocket Concert Audio Player (MP3 player) that's about 3 years old. Intel has stopped supporting this player, and I can't find an answer to my problem anywhere.

It has always worked fine, but suddenly when I put new batteries in it (two AAA's), it only registers one bar on the battery level. When I press play, it only runs for about 1 minute before shutting down. I have reinstalled the software and driver with no success.

I feel like a complete reset/reformat will fix it, but there is no reset button anywhere on the thing, and since it doesn't show up as a drive in XP when connected via the USB port, I can't find a way to reformat it. Does anyone have any suggestions, or use one and know how to reformat it??