View Full Version : Sharing XP connection with 2000

04-23-2004, 12:49 PM
Hi everyone I have read a lot of the comments and I have gone through several guides but I can't get my XP connection to share with my 2000 box. I'm using a crossover wire because my router is gone for a month, so I spent 5 bucks on a cross over cable. I basically went through the home or small office network, and it gave me a bridge connection because I am using a USB router, I can swtich it to cat 5 if that's what the problem is. Any way under my bridge connection in the TCP/IP settings it set up my ip address as, and subnet with the DNS blank....on the 2000 box I have it set as 0.2 for the ip addres with the 255 stuff and the dns is set as that right. I tried a ping on the local host from the 2000 box and it worked it said 4 transfered with 0 fails...and both computers are showing connection...but the 2000 box just wont make a connection to a web page, I have my connection shared so I'm not sure what the problem is.... can some body please help thanks.


05-03-2004, 01:34 AM
I guess you dont need to change your usb to cat5 coz it will still work.Im using the same set-up.Be sure to enable the internet sharing connection in your winxp.your ip in your win2k should be,dns is and try to set your getway to the address of your winxp which and used the same ip add in dns.hope this helps.by the way,my set-up is im sharing my dsl connection in winxp with other winxp clients.but i think,its just the same.