View Full Version : Help Needed to O/C my 1.6A

03-26-2002, 02:39 PM
Everyone is o/c their 1.6A...

I am currently using it with a Asus P4B266 and Crucial DDR266 256Mb ...
Visiontek GF3 Ti200
Audigy DE
Maxtor HDD 7200 rpm 60Gb
Linsys Network card

I am very confuse about how the PCI and AGP divider work on this m/b ????
Is there any options in the BIOS for changing the PCI and the AGP divider ???

If i were to o/c my FSB, what will happen to the PCI and AGP speed???
My friend told me that PCI = FSB /3 and AGP = 2/3 * FSB ..

so at 100 FSB PCI = 33 and AGP = 66 ...

but if i increase my FSB, does that mean that both the PCI and the AGP will increase ???

Also when i reach 133FSB, is there such a ting whereby the m/b will use the 1/4 divider , giving the PCI 33 and the AGP 66??

Will appreciate any help ..

03-29-2002, 10:16 AM
I haven't used this board before, so I can't say. However your numbers are correct. Try setting the FSB to around 140MHz to 150MHz - My 1.6A hits 2.4GHz easy.