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08-24-2004, 04:28 AM
Alright well I have a Del....... 2.53ghz P4 533 FSB, 512 PC 2700 Ram 512mb, fx 5900 128mb. My friend is going to sell me a PC 3200 512mb Card that came stock with his comp(for $50) before he got 1 gig of corsair. Will they be compatible? (My PC 2700 and thePC 3200)

Also I have just gotten a older HP 1.6ghz p4 ????FSB 256mb ram (PC2100 i believe) and some crap 32MB video card, i got that for free, and thinking with some money into it it could be pretty decent. Also the same friend is going to sell me a radeon 9800 pro 128mb for 150 because hes gettin the new X800. ( i intend to put the radeon in the dell and the geforceFX in the HP.

I want to get by on buying only 1 512 MB stick of ram for the HP, And the other from my friend the PC 3200 512mb card (stick that in the dell if possible). In the end i want 768MB in the HP and a gig in the DELL. I intend to game on both while holding a private server on one of them for my CS gaming clan private server under 14 slots and Know My computer can do it because I was hosting a 10 person server on the Dell with only 512mb ram in it. I have a 10Mbps high speed cable connection.

Am i better off just not getting the 3200 From my friend? he says I get to try it and stuff makesure it works before I pay him, hes a good friend of mine. Also the one I am going to host off of will have xp running on it because It will be used for gameing also. Either one will Host I just would rather host with the HP Because the DELL is my primary computer.

08-24-2004, 08:11 AM
They should work fine together, but of course that isn't a guarantee. The speed rating is nothing more than the maximum speed the memory is warranted to work at with a high degree of stability. Since I heard nothing in your post regarding overclocking, there shouldn't be any issues to worry about. If you're planning on getting another 512MB stick anyway, you might try to match up the brand and speed to that which you're getting from your friend and use both of those in the Dell while using the older PC2700 in the HP. But since he is going to let you try it out first, you'll know for certain whether or not to buy it from him.

08-24-2004, 09:21 AM
Can some computers not handel a certain PC rating? Like does FSB limit the usage of higher quality ram? Also im hoping to put the corsair in not my dell but my HP because once you have a gig or ram for gameing anyway usually you are pretty good to go that and a nice card. Plus I want the server to run smooth my next upgrade for the HP is going to be a 1 gig card punch me up to 1538MB of RAM, Im not running a very complicated game ......HalfLife2/ Mods of it for serving, And I Might end up Installing ME insted of XP to get maximum system usage.

08-24-2004, 10:53 AM
Its not the speed rating that they can't handle but the voltage that some require (normally DDR requires 2.5v though some high performance DDR modules require more).