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08-25-2004, 03:03 AM
To all hardware experts i am trying to fix up a working hardisk on this pc
and it detects on bios but when it boots to dos it cant detect and gives me error " invalid system disk ,replace the disk and then press any key".
I have actually tried this hardisk on another system there is no problems only this pc..ide cables are all working fine and by the way floppy also has this same error....if i take first boot to be hardisk or floppy i get this error cd rom no problems.....is the bios been affected with virus ??? Pls note that cd rom ,floppy and harddisk are all using own ide cables.i cant even flash bios as floppy unable to detect in dos as well only bios ......

Pls advise........
Niki !!!!! thanks a billion in advance

08-25-2004, 09:41 AM
From the sounds of things, you have either scrapped the IDE channels of the board or you've lost the system files for utilizing this function of the machine. First thing to try to do is to reinstall mainboard drivers for whatever board you are using. If you still have the problem you can try fixing the problem in the repair console for WinXP or ny reinstalling Windows over your existing copy. It is always best to back up any vital data before doing this though. If this still fails to fix the probelm, then you're likely either looking at an add-on PCI board for IDE channels or a new mainboard.

08-26-2004, 05:08 AM
do you have a floppy in the floppy drive?

08-26-2004, 08:03 AM
" invalid system disk ,replace the disk and then press any key".
This usually means that the disk has not been fdisked or formatted. Have you done this?
Previous comment about floppy is good. Does the light on the floppy come on and go off when machine boots? If it comes on and stays on, the floppy cable is on the wrong way, red tracer should be to pin1.
Hope this helps.