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09-29-2004, 03:43 PM
I have heard from some people that the performance of a video card is heavily dependent on the performance of the processor.
Is this true?
My system is used mostly for gaming and it's in need of a boost. I would like to just toss in a new video card. But im wondering since the rest of my system is a tad out of date that a radeon 9800 wouldn't make much of a performance difference. My problem with this theory is that I have seen tons of awesome gaming systems that were running slow processors and high end video cards.



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09-29-2004, 03:55 PM
Gaming performance is always dependant on the power of the system other than the video card. It depends on the game in question and the hardware. In Doom 3, for example, a Radeon 9800 Pro wold be largely take advantage of, and you'd get great performance. In Unreal Tournament 2004, you'd be very CPU limted and most of the money spent on the 9800 Pro would be wasted.

There are a lot of viable choices for you. Upgrading the CPU is almost out of the question, though. There's no point with that video card, and your wallet will be in major pain if you try to upgrade both the system and the GPU. At the same time,I doubt you will be content with just a 9800 Pro. It would help a lot, and if you can afford it, then anything less would be wasteful of your money, but it would be held back by that CPU a lot in most games. On top of that, it's a poor choice in the long run when for about $80 more you can get a GeForce 6800. That's still $80, and the only game that would even come close to taking advantage of it would be Doom 3. On the other hand, it could take several years before you find yourself in the same relative position as you are now with a Ti4200 if you got a 6800, while 9800 Pro may find itself in that spot fairly soon.

In any case, your system will hold back either card in most games. The point of this is to geive you a nice boost now and give you something to work with for when you can upgrade other areas. I'd suggest you start by getting a 6800, if you are willing to pay that much, and then later replace the board and CPU entirely with an Athlon 64 setup.

09-29-2004, 04:05 PM
Thanks muchos. I suppose that since the day that one has to upgrade their system will always come. Going with a high end card right now and saving money for future upgrades would be the best idea in this situation. Im actualy considering that radeon 9800 platinum that was on the sites review...