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12-18-2004, 10:11 PM
I apologize up front for what appears to by a HUGE gap in my knowledge! I've been having crazy problems with my computer (gets to different places in POST and stops) and finally narrowed it down to the RAM (PC2100). I bought new Kingston value RAM (PC 3200) and it caused the same problems. I borrowed some RAM, PC2100, and it seems to work fine.
I've been reading the threads and I've learned there are a lot of different parameters that need to be set for the system to work. Problem is I don't know what numbers and I don't know what parameters! So if someone wouldn't mind wasting some time and schooling me I would greatly appreciate it!
I'm pretty sure the problem is in my CMOS settings. If I clear CMOS by removing the battery or using the jumper the computer will boot up fine and then lock up somewhere. The next time I reboot it won't get past POST unless I clear CMOS again.
2.4 GHz P4 (about 2 yrs old)
MSI 648 Max-L motherboard (integrated everything except graphics card)
Ti 4200 G-Force AGP 8x graphics card 128MB
RAM 512MB (2)256MB DDR PC3200 -or PC2100 (I tried both separately)
<b>CMOS Settings:</b>
CAS Latency Set at: <b>BY SPD (other choices are 2T/2.5T/3/T)</b>
DRAM TIMING Set at: <b>NORMAL (other choices are Safe/Normal/Fast/Turbo/Ultra)</b>
MA 1T/2T Select set at: <b>Auto (other choices are MA 2T/MA1T)</b>
AGP Aperture size set at: <b>64M</b>

Spread Spectrum <b>Enable</b>
Stop Unused PCI/DIMM Clock <b>Enabled</b>
CPU Ratio <b>Locked</b>
CPU/DRAM Frequency Ratio <b>By SPD</b>
DRAM Frequency <b>133 MHz</b>
Auto Detect CPU <b>FSB Enable</b>
CPU Frequency <b>133 MHz</b>
AGP/PCI Frequency <b>66/33</b>
CPU Voltage Adjust <b>Auto</b>
DRAM Voltage Adjust <b>2.6v</b>
Sorry this is so long! Thanks to anyone who responds!!

02-22-2006, 04:45 PM
I know this post is a few months old, but Bilges almost has an identical system to mine. I have the same board/same processor specs and have used PC2100 and PC3200 RAM. I also have the same BIOS settings except for the DRAM Voltage. 2.6v did not work for me, either. I had to adjust the voltage to 2.5v for the PC2100(Kingston ValueSelect 1x256MB+1x512MB) and 2.8v for the PC3200(Corsair ValueSelect 1GB). There are still a few tweaks I am trying, but that's the one that worked for me when it came to the RAM.

Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (FSB 533/512k)
MSI 648 Max-L (SiS 648 Chipset)
MSI Nvidia FX5700LE-TD256 (AGP 8x)
Corsair ValueSelect 1GB DDR 400 (PCI3200)