View Full Version : A Call for Help... I know this is a Long Shot.

12-21-2004, 06:15 AM
Anyways to make the story short, things haven't been going well and I have been using my brothers computer at night to get here and do other stuff cause I had no where to hook mine up other than a 56k dial-up..

Last night I had it here to use his Broadband connection to get updates for all my utilities etc and then took it back to where I was staying.. Well when I turned it on, bacially the Power Supply decided to take everything out in the computer, Motherboard, CPU, Hard Disk, RAM, Sound, etc..

I'm not sure about the Vid card, sound, RAM, etc, since I have no way to check them.. Yes the hard disk is *Fried* I even see the chip that burned..

I do have some of the stuff on CD and I have all the original CD's that came with the hardware, I did over the past few years burn to CD alot of my Patches and Updates and most my games & stuff are here somewhere..

What I did lose even tho I backed up Netscape 4.74 is all my email and Alot of firefox bookmarks.. I'm not sure why I didn't get the emails from Netscape except that it may have stored the *Profiles* somewhere else I didn't know about it.. I have the profiles and can launch the bookmarks, but I can't get to the emails on my brothers computer..

So, Sorry about the *Long Story*.. Basically after inspecting the hard drive very closely, I am pretty sure the only thing wrong is the *Circutry* and Not the Platters or Heads.. It had to go really quick and it never got to any kind of Disk access stage.. The circuit board is easily removed with 3-screws and one small connector..

What I am asking, is that any of you that have an old 20-Gig hard disk, Same Brand Same Specs (This has to be pretty much exact/perfect) to please PM me..

Most Hard Disk recovery places charge by the Megabyte or Gig for recovery of Data, so for me being out of work this long, it's not an option at all.. All I really need is that circuit board..

I am including a pic so you can see all the specs..

Samsung "Spin Point" 20-gig..

SV2044D Rev. AA 2000.09

LBA 39,862,368 20.4GB V9



Many thanks for any help my friends.. http://forums.g4techtv.com/i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif