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01-19-2005, 11:49 AM

We have set up a website (http://www.e-linksoft.com/PS2.html) for the posting of preliminary PSTwo Slimline production pictures and it is awesome. The website is available on this LINK (http://www.e-linksoft.com/gallery). I was having coffee with my manufacturer when I took these pictures in a cafeteria. They are not so high quality pictures at the moment as it was taken with an experimental digital camera which I'm using now. Higher quality pictures can be expected in two days' time when I'm back home. We just couldn't wait for you guys to see it! Here they are :

Product Description : PSTwo Slimline Rainbow Console Case
Product Specifications : High quality ABS plastic. Dimensions are standard and it will be a full console replacement case. Surface texture and labels are standard and similar to originals. Presently comes in 4 Rainbow colors including standard black, Sapphire Blue, Crystal Clear and Pearl White.
Installation Instructions : Will be made available at a later date.

PS2 Slimline Console Case - Sapphire Blue
Retail Price : $29.99
Wholesale Price : PM me


PS2 Slimline Console Case - Crystal Clear
Retail Price : $29.99
Wholesale Price : PM me


PS2 Slimline Console Case - Pearl White
Retail Price : $29.99
Wholesale Price : PM me


General Policies

Shipping agent : Singapore Post
Delivery Time : 8 - 10 days (pending customs clearance) to US/UK/Europe
Tracking Number : Not available for international posts out of Singapore
Payment : Paypal preferred. Money/cashiers order, e-check and major credit cards are also accepted

We also have a shop on ebay. Click HERE (http://stores.ebay.com/xtremeenterprise).

It takes approximately 72 hours after payment confirmation for the item to be shipped out. An email confirmation stating that the item has been shipped out will be given. Wholesale/distributor/resellers are welcomed.


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