View Full Version : 6800 vs 6800GT PCI-E

xX Fracture Xx
01-24-2005, 04:10 PM
How much better is a 6800 card vs a 6800 GT

There seems to be a huge price gap in there but is there that big of a difference in what your actually getting.

01-24-2005, 07:27 PM
6800 - 325\700, 12 pixel pipelines, 5 vertex shaders
6800GT - 350\1000, 16 pixel pipelines, 6 vertex shaders

There is some difference but its most noticable at high resolution and\or when AA\AF is enabled. If you get a good 6800 (say, Chaintech) you can try using Rivatuner to enable the locked pipelines and then overclock to get near 6800GT performance for much less, but its not guaranteed.

xX Fracture Xx
01-25-2005, 04:30 AM
I was thinking more along the lines of eVGA. I don't know if Chaintech even makes a 6800 PCI-E card. I know they do make a 6600GT, but that's a different story. What are the best names?

01-25-2005, 05:09 AM
eVGA isnt bad either...sorry i was thinking AGP with Chaintech...havent seen many 6800 PCI-E cards myself