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04-12-2002, 04:31 AM
I need to set up new server at work

two questions:

1. Mandrake 8.2 Prosuite or Red Hat 7.2 Pro...any recommendations?
The server is basically just drive space...no application serving.

2. Anyone know of some good reference material - online or otherwise.
I'm very new to Linux

here's the Hardware

2 x Athlon MP 1600
1024GB Crucial Pc2100 Reg. ECC
Tyan thunder S2462UNG (w/int. dual channel adaptec SCSI & 2 x 100Mbps NW))
NMB 460w PS
2 x Seagate 73.4 Ultra160 SCSI 10K rpm (open bays for 9 more :D)

I'm sure I'll have a bunch more questions once I get into it.

04-12-2002, 11:02 AM
Distro watch (http://www.distrowatch.com/) have a lot of info on almost every distro and LWN (http://lwn.net) have a comprehensive distro list (http://lwn.net/Distributions/). That being said Redhat specialise in server products so it would be a good choice, and the mandrake pro edition gets good reviews. Personally I'd be using slackware, but that would be an option only for someone with a fair amount of linux experience.