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06-21-2005, 04:07 AM
I currently have 768 megs of sdram, I am thinking about upgrading to 1 gig of ddr2 pc3200. Is this worthwhile? Will I get a noticable performance increase? I am looking to get some more fps out of games like half life 2, battlefield 2 etc.

p4 2.53 ghz
768 megs sdram
ati x800 pro


06-21-2005, 04:32 AM
With DDR2 you will need a new mainboard as well (note PC3200 is only DDR not DDR2) but with that old CPU DDR2 will show no performance improvement for its cost (not to mention that the CPU socket is different and will require a new CPU as well) over a dual channel DDR mainboard (i865/i875 based with the right CPU socket) and DDR memory that comes at a much better price for the same performance increase.

06-21-2005, 04:59 AM
Fisrt of all, DDR2 wont even fit in your motherboard, and if you have SDRAM like your specs say then you wont even be able to use DDR1. SDRAM is 168 pins. DDR1 is 184 or something around there. and DDR2 is 200 pins. Meaning with your current motherboard and processor you cant get DDR2. But its really not worth it at the moment with prices being as high as the are and proformance(without overclocking in mind) are pretty low.

06-21-2005, 03:32 PM
Thanks. :ar15firin