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06-25-2005, 02:29 AM
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I can not for the life of me figure this one out!

Asus a8v
amd 64bit 3200
ati radeon 9600xt
Windows XP Home SP2

I should start by saying that I downloaded the catalyst control center from ati.com and loaded the latest drivers from there. However, after, thats when the problem started. Whenever I try to open anything my monitor (http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic27377.html#) magically shuts itself off but my computer (http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic27377.html#) stays on. When I turn my moniter back on it shows that I dont have a signal for like 3 seconds and then BOOM, my computer restarts itself.

I found a slight fix to the problem...I removed the catalyst contol center from my computer and removed the video card drivers (http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic27377.html#). I then grabbed the CD (http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic27377.html#) that came with my 9600xt to load the drivers off of it (they are very old drivers). As old as the drivers are, they fixed the monitor shutdown problems. However I recently bought Battlefield 2 (direct X 9.0c) and I just knew it was going to be "buggy" due to the fact that my drivers are so old.

I want to play this game but Im kind of in a pickle here. I need to update the drivers but I know what problems this causes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-A. Isakson

06-25-2005, 04:08 AM
Simple: Just update the drivers without the Control Center. The latest Catalysts still allow you to install the Control Panel rather than the Control Center. I wouldn't be suprised if BF:2 won't even run on the drivers it came with.