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07-30-2005, 10:48 PM
I need any help available, please, from anyone who has experience of the Asus P4C800E de-Luxe. I have been trying to make this mobo function since last December, as I want to edit some old camcorder footage of my wife who died of brain cancer last year. Problem is I am in gross pain all the time due to an operation which went badly wrong and caused me several strokes. I have to look after myself and get no help other than neighbour to do my shopping and have no relatives within 200 miles and get little or no help there.Have had ALL SORTS OF ADVICE FROM VARIOUS SOURCES, Asus support being quite the worst I have known. I understand 60% of folks using this board have problems. I have replaced power supply twice, graphics card three times and still the thing refuses to boot..
System comprises:- Lian Li case with two WD Raptors 76gb, set up to mirror on INTEL ICH5R. Two WD 250 gb as a backup and again set to mirror each other and all are Sata drives. LG Combo and LG DVD, all format, writer. Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platignum sound card and ATI RADEON X800XT PLATIGNUM 256MB VIVO graphics. Processor is 3.4mb Pentium 4 Prescott with 500kb cache. 4 x 512 mb of Corsair matched pairs of Twinx 1024-3200XL Pro with activity leds.
Present power supply is Antec Neo Power 480 watts which I am reliably informed will run a similar mobo and 16 sata drives at once.One site told me I needed at least 550 watt power supply, but a learned guy at Case Tech UK tells me my power supply is well on top of it's job. I use XP pro with SP2.
Have tested power supply with ANTEC power supply tester and all voltages as they should be. Have changed lithium cmos CR2036. although existing read 3 volts.
There was a time, some two months ago, when I had the whole thing set up and working top notch, switched it off and next time switched on refused to boot. Then an overhead lightening storm fried the cheap Sitecom modem made by Artera, so took that out. I have removed all installed hardware and even tried changing the Viewsonic TFT for an identical one I have. Now I have a Zoom modem, more resistant to lightening destruction, but not installed.
ATI manual talks about using the VGA built into OS, rather than kick off with the ATI Radeon initially. Anyone know how to achieve that?, as it seems I am going to have to start from scratch, reformat and re-install everything from scratch. It drives me nuts, particularly when I have a pain in my head all the time for over five years, which is neuropathic and no way to even subdue it.
I built an MSI as my first computer and that worked straight off. This Asus has me beat and I need to know how to make the thing boot up.
I am more than happy to make a good donation to this site or any good cause for the help I need, as I am about ready to dump this board before it drives me insane.
May not be appropriate here, but would wish to thank Korooush for the definitive guide to ATI Catalyst drivers. Quite the best ever seen.
Thank you.

07-31-2005, 03:54 AM
Can you boot to bios?

my first impression is if lightening took out your modem there is a strong possibility it has damaged your m/board as well, strip the pc back to basics, 1 hdd disk with a working windows install, 1 stick of ram, and video card, it this doesn't boot try rotating the ram sticks, one at a time.

I cant help with the Ati part, nvidia all the way here.

If this fails I would suggest you have a damaged board