View Full Version : EPoX 8K3A+ & Cooling (Alpha)

04-15-2002, 07:23 PM
Just a question, do any of you know if this board can support an Alpha PAL8045 Heatsink (size wise)

some of the capacitors look a little risky is all...

04-15-2002, 08:13 PM

Doesn't look like the page has been updated since the release of this board, but if the layout is the same as the KR7A, then it should work.

04-29-2002, 03:12 PM
Ok I got one of the 8K3A+'s and the Alpha fits on there, JUST :)

It buts riught up against one of the capacitors, but it lines up with the mounting holes just fine (not as well as the 8kha+ did but anyway)