View Full Version : How important to run memeory 1:1 with FSB?

09-03-2005, 04:54 AM
I can OC my 3200+ Barton by upping the FSB to 220 (440 actual), but my PC3200 RAM (2 x512 PQI, in dual channel mode) will flake out under3d mark05 & I get random dumps from BF2. If I drop it to 210, then no issues. With my mobo, I can lock the Ram at any frequency I want and keep upping the cpu fsb, but of course then they are not 1:1. The benches show that I still get aperformance gain by not being 1:1, but I wonder if they truly give you an indication of actual use. So, I guess I'm asking if there is any real worth in running cpu with FSB of 440 or even 460 with ram at 420, or am I just better off running the whole thing at 420 so that the memory is 1:1 with the cpu?

09-03-2005, 05:15 AM
Your processor will benefit but the memory won't. In some memory intensive tasks, this will make a difference, but probably not to the point where it becomes an issue. Intel folks have been running asynchronous speeds for years and was what the Asus P4C800 was noted for... the ability to run at different speeds and ratios but maintain excellent performance and stability. As long as you have stability under control, you should be fine.