View Full Version : Gigabyte 81945 MoBo - Can't boot from hdd

09-03-2005, 08:51 PM
Hi all...

Hoping someone could help me out here if possible...

Recently built a PC with a Gigabyte 81945 motherboard... Apart from being duped and only realising when I got all the bits n' pieces home that the Gigabyte 81945 only has a single IDE connector (...problem solved with dual IDE PCI card...), my main concern is that I can't boot the system from hard drive. I can only boot by inserting the Gigabyte disc (came with motherboard and includes drivers etc...).

I triple-checked BIOS and boot sequence is HDD, CD-ROM, None (no floppy drive in this system).

Once the disc is inserted, the machine boots to login no probs, but I'm quickly getting frustrated with needing to boot from the disc.

Can someone please help solve this problem? I've been troubleshooting for over a week with no joy.

System runs great. :facelick: Just the boot process that's got me beat. :screama:

Some basic specs:
Gigabyte 81945 motherboard
Intel P4 3.0Ghz CPU
120Gb internal
160Gb external (USB)


09-04-2005, 01:39 AM
I'm not familiar with that particular motherboard, but is the internal hard drive hooked up to the onboard IDE port? If it is, then it should be booting from that drive with the sequence you have selected.

You might also try hooking it up to the PCI add-on board and change the boot sequence to SCSI device (common setting for using a PCI IDE adapter, but double check the user manual to make sure) and see if you can get the system to boot from the hard drive that is hooked up to the PCI board.

Just a thought... may work for you.