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10-25-2005, 12:01 PM
My system is a Compaq Presario S4000NX, Intel Celeron 2.4GHz 400MHz FSB Socket 478 CPU, 640MB PC2100 DDR RAM, 200GB Maxtor ATA133 7200RPM 8MB cache HD, 40GB Maxtor ATA133 7200RPM 8MB cache HD, Mad Dog Predator 5.1 DSP 24Bit Sound Card, HP CD-RW, Teac CD-ROM, 200watt Power Supply and Windows XP SP2.

Okay, So I buy a refurbished Jaton GeForce FX 5700LE PCI from Newegg.com and I put it in my computer. Everything is fine. So I go and disable Onboard Intel Extreme Graphics. Fine. So I download the latest drivers from Nvidia.com (78.01). fine. So I go and play UT2004, MS Flight Simulator 2004, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich and Doomsday. Fine. So I OC the card from 250MHz CPU to 375MHz and 400MHz memory to 425MHz and up the refresh rate to 100. Fine. So I go into UT2004 and turn the display up to 1600x1024. Fine. Then, halfway through my game, The computer restarts. So my BIOS screen loads and the display has horizontal solid color lines. Then Windows loads and the same thing. So I figured I had OCed too high or my refresh rate was too fast to I go to ForceWare and it wont let me. So I uninstall it and reinstall. But, halfway through installation, the computer restarts again. same scenario. So I try this three or four times. same thing. So I get a "The system has recovered from a serious error" message so I click more info. I get this message,"C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini102205-01.dmp C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER1.tmp.dir00\sys data.xml"

The horizontal lines are still there, it wont let me reinstall ForceWare, So I was hoping somebody knew what was wrong, or has been through this and can help me figure this out. Any help is appriciated. Thanks!:wavey:

10-25-2005, 01:12 PM
Doesn't Newegg let you return refurbished products within 15 days of purchase? Do so, if it's still possible. If not, see if you can't try a different monitor, a different video card, and the same video card in a different computer. It's best to determine whether or not the card is actually damaged before we going through some software hoops trying to fix it, if possible. Hell, you should probably check before you RMA it. At the very least, take it out and use the onboard and make sure the colored lines don't still appear in the BIOS. That's usually a symptom of a bad card, but with the monitor and such a refresh rate and resolution, it could be that it's damaged (though it's very unlikely; most monitors simply stop working when you try to force resolution/refresh rate combinations that they aren't capable of handling).

It's possible you damaged the card with such a high core overclock (though unlikely, in my experience). It's quite likely that it was unstable because it increased the power requirement of the card, and that system with a stock 5700LE and a 200W PSU is pushing it as it is.

In any case, you probably shouldn't have bought a refurbished card. You'd be better off going to some forums, such as Anandtech, and buying something used there. I've bought two video cards there, with a third pending as we speak, and have had no problems. You basically get the same discount as with refurbished products from Newegg, but you get something that works properly. You also shouldn't be buying a 5700LE unless it had a really good price. I have trouble believing there wasn't a better refurbished card for around the same price.

10-25-2005, 06:03 PM
Sounds to me like you fried the card. 375 is way to fast for that card considering the stock is 250. Being a pci card in the first place, there is not much to gain from overclocking it. That computer is meant for an office, not for games. Let me guess, you did this with a passive heatsink on the gpu and zero case airflow?

10-26-2005, 08:49 AM
Well I did get it for $53 bucks shipped and my Intel Extreme Graphics onboard works fine. As for the OC, the reason I got it was people all over where consistently getting 400+MHz OC so I went with 375MHz to be safe and my airflow is fine. I have two case fans and a PCI slot fan along with the card having a onboard fan along with a heatsink. So no airflow issues there. I am thinking I may have blown a memory module that might have been weak and couldn't handle the OC AND the refresh rate. If so, any ideas how much it might cost, if it can be done at all, to have it repaired?

10-26-2005, 09:29 AM
You'd have to do it yourself, as well as find and buy some memory for it. It's impossibly difficult to do. Just send it back if you can't get it working soon. Besides, I see no reason to believe it's a fried memory module. The core is more likely damaged.

BTW, a PCI slot fan will usually hurt cooling on a video card with active cooling. It's great for cards with passive cooling or systems with no video card (or if you can put the fan above the video card), but that's about it.

10-26-2005, 01:53 PM
So you don't think there is any way Jaton can repair the card or if there is something I can do to rectify the situation? Oh and I do have the fan above the card.

10-26-2005, 09:33 PM
The card may be repairable but it may cost 10x the value of the card to get it fixed. Most parts on such things are not easily changed even it the problem could be correctly diagnosed.

Bottom line is ... if you can't afford to replace PC parts then don't even think about risking them by overclocking. Even under the best of circumstances parts can and will die eventually. Pushing the limits is not the best way to make them last longer.

10-27-2005, 10:56 AM
It's not that I can't afford to replace it, I was just curious if it could be repaired or not if I were to come up empty on a replacement. So now that I know I have to replace it, which PCI card do you think I should get? (and don't say,"Get a mobo with AGP or PCI-E slots and get a GeForce 6600Ultra" like everyone else please) Should I get a GeForce FX 5600 because of the higher clock speeds, or should I get another GeForce FX 5700LE and a better power supply and OC again? Or is there anything better you can sell/recommend to me?