View Full Version : pny 128 and 256 mb video cards

11-09-2005, 04:26 AM
i have a soyo sy-k7vme mb with a amd xp3000+ cpu , raidmax 520 watt power supply. i bought a pny geforce 6600 256md ddr agp card and tried it in my system. the video looks ok until you go to programs and the video is just lines. i then tried a pny ge force 6200 128 mb ddr agp card and had the same thing. if i don't connect the power plug to the card its ok on both cards. i also changed the power supply to a orion xp 400 watt supply with same results. i now have a radeon 9550 256mb card which runs ok, except for an occasional black screen. any suggestions. i like the soyo mb but looks like a cheap 128 mb video card works the best in it. djake65