View Full Version : Getting Slide Card Combo 3.6 (Swap Magic)... need tips

12-15-2005, 04:24 AM

I definitely don't want to solder any mod chips to my PS2. I know solderless things like these **** up your ps2 in rare cases, but I'm not betting on burning up my PS2 with a solderless device like this, than a soldering mod-chip.

Is this a good buy? Will I be able to play online games with it, as in it won't be detected as a foreign device, disabling the validity check each online game gives when connecting to play online? I'm guessing to actually PLAY the games, I'd need a boot disc, but maybe the disc comes with this combo. If it costs so much, I think i'll just download it through bittorrent, FTP, IRC, whatever I need to get it for free (I'm tight on that right now, being in high school...)

Please help, this is my first time attempting to mod my PS2, I never really wanted to, to keep it safe, but there are too many damn good games still coming out that I don't want to rent b/c I don't have as much time as when I didn't have a job. And no, I can't use my job money to buy legit games, so don't even say that, anyone that wants to, lol.

Thank you very much, response appreciated ASAP http://forums.tweaktown.com/images/smilies/Peace%21.gif