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12-15-2005, 08:22 PM
Could someone tell me the steps on flashing the bios for a asus x800pro/tvd to a xt, i got a r420 core and i have the x800xt bios file. :ponder:

01-25-2006, 11:54 PM
If you havent already figured it out... then here it is.

1. You need to have the VIVO version of the X800pro... i guess no other will work.
2. download program called flashrom(there is a modified version that is supposed to work better, not sure the diff, but thats what i used)
3. Create windows startup disk with floppy(just format it as a startup disk in windows)
4 paste flashrom, and the bios you want to try onto the floppy.
5 Set your mobo bios to boot off of the floppy. then restart again and it should bring you into dos.
6. type in "flashrom -s 0 oldbios.bin" to save your old bios.
7 type in "flashrom -p 0 newbios.bin" to flash the new bios.(note : replace newbios.bin with the actual name of the bios file you have. If the name is too long you will recieve an error saying that it cant find the file.. in that case, just rename the file to something smaller before putting on the disk)
8 You may get an error saying something about the bios's not the same or something.. in that case, just type this.
"flashrom -f -p 0 newbios.bin"
then it should flash.. reboot and all should be well as long as u have a compatible bios.. if not, you will need a pci video card to boot up and reflash the card back to the oldbios you saved earlier.

I have a problem with mine that stopped me from flashing to the XT version.. my core won't clock past @525.. the XT clocks at 560.. it may be corrected in bios, it may not.. i didn't risk it yet.. just opened up the 4 pipelines successfully... and it works fine. Good luck.. but remember.. theres always a possibility of frying that nice card.. so keep that inmind.. or you may be looking for another card.

02-04-2006, 02:23 AM
If you want to test the card before you attempt hacking the BIOS, I recommend downloading a wonderful little tool called "ATITool." Set the core and mem clock speeds in that program to match that of the X800XT (remember to hit "Set Clock"), and then click "Scan for Artifacts." If the scan runs for about 5-10 minutes without any problems, then you can go ahead and mod the BIOS.

The other thing you can try (if it's just the pipelines you want to try and unlock, which is a kind of hit or miss process), download a program called RaBiT (Radeon Bios Tuner) and modify the XT Bios so that the clock speeds stay the same as they are on the Pro and then save that, copy it to your bootable floppy as mentioned above, and flash that BIOS to your vid card.

Hope this helps!

03-19-2006, 04:49 PM
x800 is a horrible card,get a 6800gt stock,own it all day