View Full Version : What are the REAL Pros and Cons of using an HD for PS2 backups?

12-16-2005, 12:13 PM
I read tutorials here, but I still don't know if the HDLoader, HdAdvance, or USBEXTREME disable online play for games.

If I get an HDLoader or HDAdvance (which one I get is based on whichever one supports all the things I'm talking about right now), will it have mostly the same compatibility as SwapMagic 3.6? And speaking of that, in one of the tutorials you guys gave a link to, it says to transfer backup copies of DVD/CD games to either 3 of the programs with just an IDE hard drive, you'd STILL have to get a slide card or flip case is this true? For ALL the programs? If so, just tell me yes right aweay so I don't even bother with the HD and I'll just get SwapMagic 3.6

IF the USBEXTREME has great compatibility like the SwapMagic3.6, should I get that and an external USB HDD?

Internal Hard Drives are cheaper than the external USB ones though; are there any hard drives that are as cheap as the internal ones, but use a USB connection? If so, please tell me where!

I know an internal IDE drive installed into the PS2 loads faster, but some people have been saying it takes about half an hour to install each game into it using the inserting in PS2 optical drive bay method. I wouldn't want to disconnect my HDD from the PS2 everytime I got a new game now, would I?

Finally, if I DO use the optical-drive-bay method(if it doen't take super long to install each game onto the HDD), would I be able to put rebuilt ISOs in it? I'm talking about the ones where you have to put in those disc-id's in or whatever to circumvent the DNAS check to play online.

I know this is a long thread, but please help me out here, you guys are supposed to be VERY, VERY great... so thanks in advance. (http://teammodders.com/viewtopic.php?t=1220)

12-23-2005, 10:18 PM
I know with HD loader you still need the game disc to play online.