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12-06-2001, 07:06 PM
I downloaded Redhat version 7.1 disk one from WirePlay and it was in the form of an ISO. I used IsoBuster to decompress the files and then I burnt them straight to my RW CD for testing. I remember installing Redhat 7.1 in class a while back and I swear it was self bootable. but the one I burnt today I can't get it to work.

It doesn't self boot (I probably have to burn it as a bootable cd with Nero but don't know how)
I thought there was an install.exe but there's not when I'm in DOS.

I bascially need help with starting up the install procudure for Linux Redhat 7.1 and how to make bootable CD's using Nero I guess as that is where my problem is I'm sure.........

Thanx in advance guys.....

The Wizard
12-11-2001, 07:42 PM
dump redhat, and go to the bsd family, way more stable and developed, and way more secure. bsd is a great open source choice as its written by thousands of ppl, and decisions are made about the coding by a board of directors. linux is becoming windows, if you cant already tell. sure its free to download, but not many ppl can actually d/l a whole os. ive run these others before and love em, they feature the KDE desktop, and Gnome, and can run 98% of linux/unix/hp-ux/sun-os/vms binaries.


openbsd is prolly the most secure operating system on the planet, and its FREE!! (and you can install over the net!)

free bsd is a good one too.
best of luck to ya, cheers!!:wave:

12-12-2001, 07:54 PM
ya problem is that u decompressed tha damn image, the iso is an IMAGE of the bootable cd, if u take the files out of the iso and burn them, its just like drag/drop'n a bootable copy of win2k or somefin, it don't work like that....u have to burn the CD with a burn prog that can handle iso