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04-12-2006, 11:34 PM
Ok im going to get a new mother board..mine has intergraded grafics which i HATE!! The mother board i want to get needs a PCI Express slot for my grafics card..ok can this be done or not? And if so what motherboard can i get or do you recomend? Get one with no intergraded grafics..and if i do get one will there be any problems with just switching them out? i run windows xp.And intel pentium 4
and i perfer to get one that runs the same ram i already have...some one help...thanks

computer specs:
Motherboard : Augsburg (No PCIE x16 Slot)
Manufacturer : Intel
Dimensions : 9.60 inches by 9.60 inches [243.84 mm by 243.84 mm]
Form Factor : Micro ATX
CPU Socket/Slot Type : LGA775
Chipset : Intel 915G + ICH6
RAM Type : DDR PC3200 (400MHz) DIMM
Number of RAM Slots : 4
Total RAM Capacity : 4096
RAM Stick Size Limit : 1024
Front Side Bus Speed : 533/800 MHz
ISA Slots : 0
PCI Slots : 2
PCI Express 1x Slots : 1
PCI Express 16x Slots : 0

CPU : CPU,P4 519 3.06GHZ 533FSB 1M L2

04-13-2006, 05:09 AM
A lot of what you get will depend on what you're willing to spend on a motherboard. There are a lot of choices when given the criteria of only PCI-E and Intel P4 compatible. However, your dimensions show that you are looking at a mATX board and not a standard one. Is this from a SFF system? If so your list of choices will go down, but there are still some options.