View Full Version : how to change a CONSTANT defined in a class file?

06-15-2006, 12:32 AM
Hi, I have the folowing php question:
I have 3 files:

the file a.php wich includes this php class: [ include "b.php"; ] (and more code...)
the file b.php wich includes this other php class: [ require_once("c.php"); ] (and other functions of course...)
and the file c.php wich has this definition: [ define('MAX_CUPS', 148); ] (and other definitions...)

My question is how can I overwrite the defined "MAX_CUPS" value for instance if I need sometimes 148, sometimes 400, sometimes 800, etc.
How cai I set this "MAX_CUPS" value again from the a.php file without having to edit the c.php file?
I read that "A constant's value cannot be changed after it is set", but im triying to get help with this issue...

Thanks indvance.


06-15-2006, 12:50 AM
this is a typical sample of code in a.php, so as you can see there are nothing to edit or there are no variables to redefine, because i dont know where in the b.php its calling the 'MAX_CUPS' defined in the c.php
and i cannot edit the b.php and c.php because they are zend optimized.
a question, zend is only a ctypter or it optimizes the runtime too?

include "b.php";
$cups = new cupsCreator();