View Full Version : List of Alternative Phrases for "Pisses Me Off"

11-17-2006, 10:12 AM
Today in class my friends and I compiled this list, our teachers dont let us say "pisses me off" and we were bored, some of the phrases are flat-out retarded though. Add some of your own too! Just please not more perverted than these ones.

1-Drains my sack
2-fills the john
3-wets my pants
4-forces me to urinate
5-waters the plants
6-slickens the pavement
7-colors the snowman
8-lubricates the fire hydrant
9-drains my sewer
10-washes the windows
11-ruins my sheets
12-taints my sofa
13-bursts my diapers
14-fills my gas tank
15-defrosts my window (or the neighbor's)
16-rusts my pipe
17-soils my wardrobe
18-freezes my jewels (its 10F outside, I guess this one doesnt in every climate)
19-swell my ballons
and 2 more I wont say because they are even dumber, I know, how can they get any more ridiculous, well, I dont know how, but they are.

Add your own! I am also interested in names for teletubbies like ho for po
or dipstick for that other one (I dont know most of the original names)