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01-03-2007, 12:44 PM
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01-06-2007, 10:12 PM
Good review. I must say that I love this case. I built an SLI gaming system for my oldest son in this case, after performing a few mods. I swapped out the Thermaltake fans for some Cooler Master silent LED fans, and I painted the interior of my case black sheen. I have the steel / window version, and the view into the interior is sweet.

I recommend that case modders buy this case and forget about media center applications. It's a great fit for gamers, with lots of room for just about any mod you could imagine!

www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_091a.JPG (http://www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_091.JPG)
www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_193a.JPG (http://www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_193.JPG)
www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_198a.JPG (http://www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_198.JPG)
www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_201a.JPG (http://www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_201.JPG)
www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_202a.JPG (http://www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_202.JPG)
www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_221a.JPG (http://www.bigal-computers.net/bigal/Tom-computer-build_221.JPG)