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05-09-2002, 02:11 AM
just bought a7v333 and installed and get nothing, green light
is on, cpu fan works, chassis fan comes on then goes off, ps
fan works, little comp voice says "power on test failed" switch
out memory modules, same prob, switch vid cards, same prob
didnt switch cpu's (athlon xp 1900). Sent mobo back for testing
they got it working with a duron chip, so they are sending it back
any ideas when i get it back? thank you for your response. cpu is brand new out of box:shoot:

05-09-2002, 06:01 AM
Believe it or not I am having a very similar problem - "SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST" from the ASUS voice POST reporter 10 seconds after I turn on the machine. I sent my board back to ASUS and they sent me a new one. Then the new one did the EXACT same thing. Then they told me that on the old board that I had sent back, there was nothing wrong with it after all.

So then I thought it was my CPU, a brand new ATHLON XP 2000+ straight out of the box. So I ordered a new XP 1800+ so I could make sure. Lo and behold, the brand new 1800 did the same thing. I've changed out the power supply, video card, tried to boot with nothing but the CPU and HSF, everything.

Well, I never did change out the RAM, and that's what the guy at ASUS is currently telling me is the problem. He says I am using substandard, unqualified RAM - OCZ PC3000 with copper heat spreaders. Even if it's sub-standard, which it's not for God's sake, the machine should at least POST, c'est non?

Anyway, after switching out EVERYTHING, I finally switched out the damned MOTHERBOARD. Bought a new ABIT AT7 MAX. Installed it, dropped in the 1800+ and BINGO, boot a rama. Took out the 1800+, dropped in the 2000+ and double BINGO, she booted again. I applied my well-honed DEDUCTIVE reasoning at that point, and came to the conclusion, after careful deliberation, that the motherboard was the problem.

The latest suggestion from tech support is to order some real RAM, some Mushkin or Corsair - a very economical and reasonable choice thought I. Oh, and not Crucial RAM, because that's not supported either and probably wouldn't work due to its own sub-standard quality (his words not mine). :smokin:

I did get some unofficial, "under the radar" if you will (oh yes, Iwill thanks, no pun intended), feedback from their support team regarding the A7V333s abnormally high DIMM voltage settings, which are not adjustable. However, if one were to venture over to the Mushkin website, one might find a bit of detail on how to change this voltage with some jumpers on the board. This was discovered by some engineer fellows over at Muskin and has been offered as a potential solution to make my substandard RAM work. So, what I'm going to do when I get some time is install my substandard OCZ DDR and lower the voltage. Also, I am going to turn off the Voice POST reporter and use beep codes. This advice was also offered to me as a possible solution, and delivered with the sort of condescending tone that can only be projected by someone who is just not content with his own ***** size. :shoot3:

BTW, this is the first computer i've ever built and these are the first two motherboards i've ever dealt with (i.e. held in my hands) and let me tell you something - the ABIT AT7 board is a WORK of ART - it's unbelievable. I found it to be so far superior to the ASUS that it's not even comparable. Not just because it WORKED, but it's just better, hands down. Fewer jumpers, better manual, better accessories, better BIOS, better RAID controller, same price or cheaper! The only add-on it requires is a video card. I am actually glad I've experienced this little debacle simply for the reason that I found the AT7. Couldn't be happier than I am with the ABIT.

Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions. I am sure that I will catch some hell for this post. It's my first one. He he!

05-09-2002, 07:09 AM
:beer: Same Problem Here MoBo Asus A7V333, XP1900+, 256 Samsung (recommended) DDR333Mhz, Found Out That I Had to Disable Jumperless Config. And Rearranged Jumpers, Computer Is Working Just Fine Now, But I Had A Long Night Watching My Pc Turn On And Instantly Off. Jumperless Configuration Is Very Wrong On This MoBo. But Once You Manually Configure Voltage, Cpu Clock, Etc. You Are On Speed Heaven.

05-09-2002, 07:42 AM
yep, you are right about the jumperless config.

also, beware of the CPU voltage jumpers because the first version of the manual has this totally wrong, and if you follow the manual that came in the box precisely, you are likely to electrocute your CPU. If I remember correctly, for jumperless operation for the CPU voltage, one is required to put all the "JEN" jumpers on pins 2 and 3, despite the fact that the manual says to use pins 1-2.

The thing that ticks me off about this is that you can have all of this incredible engineering, and then just a complete lame-brain mistake like that.

I should have come to the forums a long time ago. i'm fired up now. gonna go re-set all of my jumpers and get this ***** crankin yo.

05-12-2002, 04:44 PM
well i just got a a7v333 and had no problems whatsoever but i have also seen this happen on other asus boards.the problem before was a lack of bios compliance with athlon xp processors.the board would boot with duron chips but not xp until bios was updated.:flames:

05-13-2002, 12:54 AM
:drunk: Thanks For The Tip Kevin, My PC Is Runing In Top Conditions, Got That Thermal Strip Off, And Replaced That With Thermal Paste, My Problems Are Gone, My MoBo Detected At Last My Processor And Adjusted Avery Thing Just Fine, No More POST Errors Or Turning Of The PC By Itself.

The Tip Posted By Kevin Is The Key!!! IThe Thermal Paste Is The Culprit

05-13-2002, 08:56 PM
who's kevin? thermal paste? am i in the right thread here? what am i missing? :?:

as far as the BIOS, i am currently using v. 1006, straight from the factory. my first board had v. 1005 and did the same thing. haven't tried a manual BIOS update yet though. i don't think this would work for me anyway because i am never able to get any VGA signal or anything b/c everything halts with the sys failed CPU test message by the voice post reporter.

05-16-2002, 07:12 AM
yea russianblue i think we are on the wrong thread...who is kevin and did he mention thermal paste? I am interested becuase i am buying a abit KX7-333r KT333.:)

05-16-2002, 07:59 AM
GREAT article on the A7V333 on www.lostcircuits.com

These guys are really good and go into depth analyzing some of the shortfalls of the board.


Also check out Tom's Hardware. They've just done a round-up of 18 or so KT333 mobos. The A7V333 does not garner praise typical of ASUS products.

Flaco, have you looked at the AT7, or are you sold on the KT7?

05-16-2002, 09:29 AM
I agree the AT7 is a work of art...now you made me think...THANKS!:D what would you recommend out of the two?....is the AT7 a micro ATX?. I know it has LAN/Firewire..but i really have no use for that except maybe my cable modem (which is connected through USB right now). I dunno, have any suggestions?...i like the idea of having more PCI Slots but maybe if you help me weigh out the pros and cons i can make a decision on two great Motherboards (i think you would i agree on that last part :) ) Thx in advance (i'll be taking a look at that article.):thumb:

05-16-2002, 10:19 PM
As far as I know, the AT7 is official ATX form factor. It's the exact same size as my A7V333.

I think the differences in AT7 and KX7 are few.

The AT7 employs the Highpoint 374 RAID controller, which is different from the 372 controller on the KX7 only in that it provides 4 full RAID channels instead of two.

Further, the AT7 has no PS2, serial, or parallel ports, which could be a significant issue for you. It's a member of the new MAX series and is meant to have all peripherals work via USB or Firewire. I can tell you that the packaging and extras with the MAX series is VERY nice, but I've never seen a non-MAX ABIT board.

Other than that, I think the two boards are pretty close. You'd be trading more RAID capacity for PCI slots, which totally depends on your needs, as well as the difference in the legacy ports. As far as PCI slots go, I use the on-board sound and LAN, so I don't need the extras. But you might.

I sort of bought my AT7 in a hurry so I didn't make a cognizant choice between the two. I think it might have been between the time the two boards came to market. One was on about 4/19 and the other was like 4/25 or something.

One tip which may or may not be the case on both boards, I know it is the AT7 - Read carefully on how to install your memory. I wrongly assumed that one 256MB stick would go in DIMM 1. Actually, one is required to populate DIMMs 4, then 3, 2, 1, in that order. One stick in DIMM 1 one gives a memory error on boot-up.

Good luck and feel free to send me any other questions at [email protected]

05-17-2002, 08:47 AM
Nice reply dude:thumb: ...you sure take your time on them..thanks! You are right, the MB is all about your needs. I am a online gamer and music enthusiest (dunno if i spelled it right:?: ) i would like to get an Audigy or 5.1 with controller. so the onboard sound wouldn't be a big thing for me. As for LAN it would be nice but i guess i'm stuck with buying a LAN card for more PCI slots ...what a contridiction man hahahaha!...its a tough one...and i'll be having to make my choice soon..:p Anyhow thanks for the help and i appreciate your time thx again.:cheers:

05-23-2002, 10:40 AM
the asus a7v333 has its pros and cons. first to the guys who dont want to piss away extra money on coarsair ram, its bull , theres nothing wrong with samsung, ocz, or kingston, it just costs less. im running 512 ocz pc 3000 in my board and it works fine, but my problem is i cannot get the raid to read my hard drives. everybody seems to have an unusual array of problems with this board. its gonna take some bios changes im sure. i also believe if youre running win xp its gonna create more headaches. these two things need to be addressed by asus, they are reeking havoc with a lot of folks and asus knows it. check your chipset on the southbridge if you have a 0203cd, you have the orginal engineering chip which will limit overclocking, 0203ce chip is the one to have for you overclockers. and asus has released bios ver. 1007, do not i mean do not use the asus update for this, download it to floppy, create the directory on you hd and unzip it there then get to dos and do the install BACK UP THE OLD BIOS you may wipe it it out and youll be waiting for asus to send a new bios. abit seems to have the best board most stable but far less fewer options than asus, but ITS STABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I hope asus resolves these issues beacause i see so many, and they do make a great board lots of luck guys keep working it make sure all jumpers are in place according to the manual, then run jumperless mode, get a stable point, then start playing with each issue one at a time, you'll find crossed jumpers, shorting pins, several little things they may cause problems. and xp hmmmmmmmmm it will be great once its stable lots of luck peace

05-23-2002, 04:53 PM
i've got an asus A7V333, i have 256 megs of crosair ram and i have winxp pro, runs very stable, i have only had to unintentionally reboot it once. hmmm :?:

05-23-2002, 10:00 PM
Went through all the paces again last night - checked all jumpers, cleared CMOS, lowered the DDR voltage (as it's out of spec by default - see Mushkin website), disabled the POST reporter, and no dice. 'System Failed CPU test' again.

I did a little more reading on the web last night and found http://www.asusboards.com/ A quick search there with the string "system failed CPU test" will reveal loads of people having loads of problems, directly and indirectly applicable.

I have a hard time believing it's my OCZ memory (in my situation anyway) as I don't ever get past the CPU test, even without any RAM modules installed. The shorting problem does not apply to me, because this board has never been tested except on top of the box it came in. I can't flash my BIOS, because I have never seen the board produce anything on the screen and I'd doubt I could complete that process if the CPU is not registering anyhow.

I brought the board and my CPU into work this morning and it's heading back to ASUS today. In the mean time, my new system is running fabulously (as it did on the first try) with my AT7 and the crappy OCZ PC3000, the XP 2000 at 1807 mhz at 45 degrees under load, I might add.

So the ASUS board is being RMA'd today. The truth will reveal itself for sure as I am sending my board along with the CPU that I have been using. I don't care how they get it working. I'll buy all the same setup, I don't give a crap. I just don't think it should take 2 months and a load of shipping charges to get a brand new, state of the art board up and running. Although I admit I do like the challenge, the fact remains that a product such as this should probably not come to market with as many problems as it's been proven to have.

And Andy, I am glad you've had a pleasant experience with your board. I haven't given up on mine, however, I still contend that the issue is not something I'm doing, but something that is not right with the equipment. If that is not the case, I will make it a point to document that in this forum. In the mean time, until proved otherwise, the condescending hmmm at the end of your e-mail I (everyone) can do without. Happy moderating!

05-24-2002, 12:29 PM
andy you're the first person ive seen without a prob, with xp and this board. poor blue has gone through motherboard hell, and should have gone postal by now (( news at 11 ????)) tell me how what did i do wrong, and can you tell me how to get my damn raid array to work (( beers are on me)) now my damn floppy wont read today, this board is the toughest one ive ever had to figure out. Im ready to go to the abit and leave asus behind. i can't blame blue at all 2-months is hateful. but if you know something we've missed please post it thanks


05-24-2002, 03:02 PM
well first off i don't have the RAID version, so i can't help you there

i had the board for about a week before i got my RAM, so i had a good deal of time to check the jumpers ect, go throught the WHOLE manual (go from the start to the end of page 44 ) and check each thing the manual brings up, and once you have finished with the manual go have a look at any of the update sheets they put in the box and go throught them one by one

Hyper Sven
05-28-2002, 10:20 AM
Be V-E-R-Y careful if you are going to flash the bios using the Asus Live Update software that was supplied with the mobo!

I was trying to update my bios to 1007, and the utility erased the old bios, then blue screened half way through writing the new one.:mad:

I was running it under a fully patched Windows XP.