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05-11-2002, 08:04 PM
Hi :D

I recently found out that i have a bunch of parts I could use to build another pc. One problem..im having cpu troubles. This is what I have:

AMD Duron 700
512mb pc133 micron
40x cd-rom
Soundblaster pci512
generic mouse/keyboard
300w PowerMan power supply
ATI Rage 128 ( =P )
3gb Hard Drive (Forgot the manufactuerer)
Some monitor I forget how big..er small :D

Anyways here is the problem. Now I have used the mobo and cpu before and they had worked fine. I had them in storage (i.e closet) and had recently brought them out to build a new/old pc. So anyways I turn the pc on and go to the bios. I leave everything as is and go to check the temperature. I realize that its getting hotter by a degree and a half every 3 minutes. I check the heat sink its working fine...but I found it odd that it was very cool. The temp recorded said it was at 101 F. I shut it off...and take everything out. After getting some advice..I start thinking maybe i put to much paste on it.. So i even clean it off and apply little this time. I turn it back on and at first it wasnt getting so hot like before. I leave it for 15 minutes and the temp shot up to 112 F. Now I need help.. Ive heard from ppl that maybe its the heat sink..and that maybe the cpu is overclocked ..which it isnt and ive tried on other heat sink..still nothing.. Any ideas????.. I would hate to go out and buy another cpu. Yes i know durons are cheap but I wasnt intending to use this pc anyways..just a little side thing :D. Any ideas on what to do next to save this thing will be greatly appreciated

Thx in Advance. :D

05-11-2002, 08:10 PM
im not too sure..
before you buy a new cpu, try to borrow someone else to see if it is the cpu. I think it may be the CPU thermal detector on the mobo.

05-11-2002, 08:31 PM
Actually what is the make of the HSF and is that the temp with an open case or closed. If closed open it up and tell us if it made a difference though so long as it stays under 125F it should be ok and also Asus motherboards have a bad habit of reporting higher temps to what is the actual temp. :smokin:

05-11-2002, 11:34 PM
that was the temp with an open case :D

umm the heat sink came with the cpu
which i forgot to mention is also oem...dunno if that makes a diff
or not

But if it was the thermal detector ..why would the whole thing shut down...or is that a setting i overlooked in the bios somewhere?

Mr. C
05-11-2002, 11:36 PM
112 and you haven't even had the CPU do much at all:eek:
I would definitely get an actual reading on that CPU temp. (It's not too difficult to mod an indoor/outdoor thermometer)
You didn't mention a fan on that heatsink, but I'm assuming you have one:?: Try changing the direction of flow and perhaps even changing the fan entirely.
You seem to be a quite capable individual and a careful one too, judging from the indications of your post. No doubt that you will 1 step at a time resolve this issue.
Best of luck to you:thumb:

05-11-2002, 11:51 PM
Remeber he is using F conversion instead of C from what you guys in Oz are use to.

38C = 101F which I would say is ok... Even 112F is 44.5C Which is still Ok but on hot side

Mr. C
05-12-2002, 12:08 AM
Being that he is still in the BIOS, it wouldn't hurt to address it a bit before he actually loads an OS though.
It's only going to get higher, and if possible it would be a good thing to reference that onboard monitor with a "real-world" reading. I just have this inability to 100% trust an onboard monitor without a good old fashioned thermometer to back it up.

05-12-2002, 02:17 AM
well, hangin around in the bios warms things up a bit....so it is not like he at 100% idle in there...

He needs to get a few temp readings while running windows and go from there....

and with a OEM heat sink...I think he is getting the Avg. Temps and will be ok unless he tries to overclock... Getting a good HSF I think will overcome those issues

05-12-2002, 05:16 AM
upon further inspection. I found out that the L1 bridges where penciled (sp?) :p

I forgot I had attempted to overclock this thing when I was using it before my new system :D

And guess what


Thx for all the help guys =)

Now if I could only learn linux =p

05-12-2002, 11:30 AM
Well if it's the stock fan it would likely be a 60mm one of a thin profile though it can be swapped for a more powerful 60mm one. :smokin: