View Full Version : gefoce t500 very jreky and slow

05-12-2002, 07:33 PM
Precisely brought a leadtek Geforce t500 hoping to play my FAV 3D racing games
But Imp very confused because to frame rate on most games is very jerky and sometimes slow (explicably when turning’s corner fast). I have latest Nvdida drivers. Im guess I just wondering if my processor was to slow for this card I’m running a 1 gig celeron @1100mhz ms(100mzh FSB) MSI 694t motherboard- 256SDRAM - ata100 40gig hard drive would a P4 athion –Pentium get faster frame rates
If anyone could help it would be great thanks Mark

celeron [email protected], 256sdram
msi694t m-board, leadtek Geforce t500
40gig ATA seagate [email protected]

05-12-2002, 07:40 PM
Does your motherboard have a VIA chipset? If so, it sounds like you haven't installed the VIA 4-in-1 driver. Go to VIA Arena (http://www.viaarena.com) and download the latest ones and install them ;)

05-12-2002, 07:51 PM
I have the VIA 4 in one Drivers installed and my motherboard has VIA chipset on it thank's mark

05-12-2002, 07:53 PM
What version of the 4in1 drivers are you using? :?:
:beer: :beer: :beer:

05-12-2002, 08:04 PM
Im useing via-VERion "4.43" and nvidia drivers 28.32 just seems to slow up when a lot of grafices are on sceen my friends PS-2 runs smoother than mine at a haft the price thanks

05-12-2002, 08:12 PM
Version 4.43? :confused:
The 4.39 beta has only just come out. :?:
but if it was a typo and ya meant 4.34 then upgrade them and it's best to do that on a clean install as soon as the OS is done before any other drivers. :smokin:

05-12-2002, 08:50 PM
sorry it was typo im useing 4.34 will try v-4.39 thanks

06-11-2002, 03:51 PM
Please fine tune in your graphics optin in the games .

Ensure 4in1 drive is the latest one and also MS DiectX 8.1a

Please let us know ! THanks !